Why did Ibiki Fail His Brother?

Why did Ibiki Fail His Brother?

In Naruto Series, Ibiki Morino was seen as a proctor in the chunin exams first round. He was an expert in testing psychological matters in the hidden leaf village, he used many kinds of jutsu and techniques with whom he read the minds of others as well as detected lies, simply saying he was a member of the Konoha Torture and Interrogation Force. Same kind of interrogation torture technique he used during chunin exams, he bounded students into a psychological trap and tested their mindset, and checked whether they deserve to be chunin or not.

While testing Naruto he passed for the agreement of the tenth question but, while testing his brother he failed him for such agreement. Why Ibiki did such a thing? Thoroughly read this article and you will have your answer at the end.

During Naruto

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During Naruto’s period, Ibiki put nine questions in front of everyone which were difficult for a genin to answer, but secretly there were two chunin sitting in the exams, Ibiki made them sit so that other genins could cheat.

Ibiki wanted to check how secretly students could collect information regarding teamwork with such a test. However, Naruto passed without answering a single question because he also told students that “No information is better than wrong information”

During the tenth question following were the rules

  • Each of them was free to choose whether or not to take the final question. It’s your decision and if you got a zero you would fail with all your teammates.
  • If answered incorrectly you would be barred from the next chunin exams
  • Other option was you can quit and come back next year but, if you quit the whole team would be disqualified

Ibiki passed the students who chose to stay because he was looking for courageous ninjas who were ready to face danger and risk their lives. After all, in his life, a ninja has to face such things fearlessly.

During Idate

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When Ibiki’s brother Idate was taking the exam he failed the students who chose to take the tenth question which was a contradiction.

This was because this time Ibiki said that “now they were going to compete against their squad members and the one who scores lowest marks in the squad would be failed and unlikely before there was no such rule that if your answer is incorrect then you will be failed, failure will be barred from taking the next chunin exam and likewise before students were allowed to quit and take the chunin exams next time.

Ibiki failed those who wanted to answer the tenth question because according to rules made by ibiki, it was mentioned students who were ready to compete with their squad members and were ready to risk their future, would violates the rules of teamwork and that was what Ibiki wanted to check by his interrogation scenarios, that was the reason he failed all of them including his brother.

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