Why Did Itachi Slaughter His Clan? [SHORT AND EASY SUMMARY]

Why Did Itachi Slaughter His Clan? [SHORT AND EASY SUMMARY]

Itachi Uchiha, brother of Sasuke Uchiha was initially seen as a negative character in Naruto series because he slaughtered his own clan and he became a member of Akatsuki hunting jinchurikis as well but as long another side of story revealed we know that Itachi had no such intention to spread negativity, everything he does was the most suitable decision he made for his village and his brother, he even sacrificed his life for it but the question is why? For what purpose and what intention Itachi slaughtered his clan and made his brother against him? Fully read this article and you will know every intention behind Itachi’s actions.

“Alert” Do not read this article if you don’t want to lose your suspense with spoliers.

Why did Itachi slaughter his clan?

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During the nine-tails attack Uchiha clan was ordered to protect the villagers and do not try controlling the nine-tailed fox, this is because Uchiha have the ability to control tailed beasts with their sharingan but this time Danzo spread delusion that this attack was caused by Uchiha clan because only they have such ability. However, he was right because this was done by Obito Uchiha, who was wearing Madara’s identity that time but the thing is Danzo was jealous of Hiruzen Sarutobi, he don’t like Hiruzen getting praised for his work, he was not able to tolerate the fact that Hiruzen became hokage and that’s why he wanted to put him down and he made his own rules of an arrogant disrespectful king.

To show his superiority he settled Uchiha clan in such a locality where Uchiha police force can’t perform their duties properly, which diverted mind of Uchihas and for such disrespect they wanted to evade the hidden leaf village.

After knowing this Danzo ordered Itachi either slaughter up his clan or get killed with his clan and his brother. At that moment he was in no position to control things, to be a puppet was the only option for him and his love for Sasuke and his village made him choose the first option in which he had to slaughter up Uchiha clan.

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For such purpose he needed help of Obito Uchiha and in return he has to join Akatsuki.

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Itachi made a promise to his parents that he will protect Sasuke and that’s why he told Sasuke to take the life of his best friend so that, he could open up his Mangekyoū Sharingan and can protect himself with its power, he also challenged his for a fight in future because he wanted Sasuke to become stronger than him and defeat him so that, he can protect himself better than Itachi’s shelter and for such purpose Itachi indirectly gave him a hint to unlock eternal Mangekyoū Sharingan.

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When he observed Naruto’s care towards his friend, he entrusted him and gave him Shisui’s Koto Amatsukami so that Sasuke would keep his deeds under control.

With his wisdom and his strength, Itachi was a truly deserving hokage that the hidden leaf village needs but due to some mishappenings he was not able to fulfil his dream. However, even after such worst conditions he protected his village and after being reanimated he helped the alliances by releasing the reanimation jutsu, which states that even after not being able to become hokage he fulfilled his duties that a hokage has to do, he cared about his village and help everyone selflessly even after recieveing disrespect at some points.

He left the world by entrsuting Naruto with the dream they share and giving him the valuable knowledge and shared his vision that a Hokage needs.

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