Who Is The Toughest Boss In Shadow Fight 3?

Who Is The Toughest Boss In Shadow Fight 3?

Shadow fight 3 game from Nekki consists of very tough bosses due to their abilities. Some bosses are so tough that it is difficuilt to defeat them even at easy level. Here is the list of some most difficuilt bosses


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This guy appears 2 times as a boss in shadow fight 3 but in second time it appears to be more difficuilt as first because he has the ability to dodge every first attack on him and also he has the ability to stop time, relpenish health and throw some attacks.


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Ling appears to be friendly character at first but later on we have to fight him as a boss he has the ability to throw blue flames even from a distance and activate shadow form.


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She is the most agile boss in shadow fight 3 which appears 3 times. She has the ability to create artificial walls and use them to overtake and pole swirl attack.

Shadow mind

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He is not so tough to defeat but problem is only shadow attacks work on him which can be recharged by throwing some attacks on him. He is a shadow master with almost all types of shadow abilities. He can also fly and does specific damages


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The first final boss of shadow fight 3 is normal in first round but after getting defeated in first round he becomes shadow master and deals shadow attacks. He can also make himself invulnerable to fall from attacks and walks arrogantly that time.


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The final boss of shadow fight 3 with whom we have to fight best of 7 series fight. In first round he comes with a huge robotic machine which deals heavy damages. In second round same machine has the ability to launch missiles and after defeating and after defeating him in that round machine breaks and we fight with real shadow. In fourth and final round shadow got possessed by shadow mind and we have to deafeat him to save the world.

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