Which is the best relationship in the world?

Which is the best relationship in the world?

Relationships are an important part of our social life. Some relationships are true and some are fake, this fact is justified by its effect on your life. In the previous article we studied that every relationship in this world is made with a selfish motive and there is no relationship without it, which were the words of Chanakya who was the great policymaker of the Mauryan empire.

We also studied that some people make relationships for money and some even for arrogance but the true relation is where there is a selfish motive for inspiration as well as strength.

In your life, you will love the most who will inspire you the most and that will be the best relationship in the world for you. Now the question is how can we attract such kind of relationships where we can receive so much strength and inspiration, Fully read this article and you will have a deep insight into everything you need to know.

It’s all starts with self

In the previous article, we studied that true relationships are rare nowadays because self-love self-respect, and self-honesty are rare, this is because love, respect, and trust with each other is an essential part of relationships but that doesn’t mean to be done blindly, start with your self, deeply learn every concept above and make sure you don’t degrade self-love and self-respect of your as well as someone else and that’s how you will create a true bond of trust. Read the concepts below to understand the concepts above

Self love

self love
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If you want to love yourself, make sure you are happy and peaceful on your own and don’t expect others to make you happy because the world is full of negative people and we don’t know who may come and disturb our attitude, for such purpose you better stay happy at your own and don’t blindly expect it from anyone.

Great spiritual leaders have said that happiness is inside us but foolish people used to look happiness at other materialistic things, so better make sure you are not a part of those fools and stay happy on your own and with time, naturally, you will attract similar people who will team up with you and share such thoughts and positive energy with you.

Self respect

self respect
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If you want to achieve self-respect, make sure you don’t expect too much from others (especially from the wrong ones) because wrong people might be selfish but not everyone is, some people have priorities in thier life which we need to understand, and no one including you wants to be a slave so it’s better to take help but don’t keep any kind of over-expectation with others.

Also, make sure that you don’t let negative people disturb you, if they think negatively about you then let them think but don’t let them control your emotions because irrespective of what is right or wrong negative people are arrogant they believe that what they do and believe must be followed by everyone and that’s why they try to change you. Stay away from such people and make sure that you are truthful in your opinion.

Self honestly

self honesty quotes

Every relationship in this world is bound by the trust which requires honesty. A true relationship is incomplete without trust and if you are not honest with your self, your instincts will lose your trust and detach you from your soul, resulting in poor relationship status with yourself.

Such occurrences will stand for a lack of self-love and if you lack it you can never attract true relationships. Self honestly comes when there is no intention of putting others down, emotional blackmailing as well as other negative intentions. So if you want to attract true relationships be strong and honest.

If you follow the above concepts properly, you will attract positive relationships in your life. In such relationships, you will inspire others and in exchange, they will inspire you, imagine such a beautiful atmosphere where everyone is sharing positive energy more and becoming progressive with time as a team, such relationship will undoubtedly stand as the best relationship in the world. So promise now to be self-honest, self-loved, and self-respecting, do you promise? Comment below


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