What Happens When You Really Want Something [4 Signs Of Truthful Desire]

What Happens When You Really Want Something [4 Signs Of Truthful Desire]

It’s easy to say, I really want something but it is difficult to act. People expect many things in their life but just thinking and wishing it will not grant you your wish. The thing is if you want something by heart, you will plan for it and try your best to have it, this is what it really means to wish this is because your words doesn’t decide your true inner self but your actions decide who you are. Similarly, when you truly wish for something, you find a way to have that thing and take actions. On the other hand, when you give up on it, it states that you never really wanted it and your wish was not a wish, those were just words. In this article, we will deeply analyse the mindset of truly wishing something.

1. You are ready to sacrifice your ego

When you truly wish something by heart, you become ready to sacrifice your ego for it because a wish from truthful intention changes your mindset and when you truly wish something your actions justify whether it is true or not. At that moment, your ego will be the biggest burden on you which will restrict your dedication and focus. If you truly wish something in your life, you will open up your mind and you will be able to awake your wisdom and at a time you will be able to adopt a proper vision for it.

2. You are ready to face your fear

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As said earlier, your actions justifies whether your wish is true or not. If you truly wish something you will face your every fear which is restricting you to reach your goal, if you don’t face your fear it means you value your fear more than your goals. If you truly wish something, your wisdom will guide you that “This fear is for short-term, everything will become fine when you achieve your goal and your fear will be crushed”.

3. There is a long-term association with your life

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When you are sure that your wish will have a long-term impact in your life, wish becomes true and your path becomes clear from all the egoistic and coward intentions. A short-term wish is just a temporary desire which may not be a need, it might be just something you want for show-off or fulfil you temptations but when there is a need there is true dedication, true intention and you will be able to do your tasks with required amount of focus and energy. On the other hand, if you wish for short term temptations, you are just wasting your energy which you can use for something useful.

4. There are truthful intention behind your wish

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You might be wishing something right now, but the thing is “why?”, What are your intentions behind that wish? Your intentions decide your path, if you wish for some positive intent like: to gain respect, be happy and strong, to inspire then you will follow a true path accordingly. On the other hand if you have a negative intention like show-off, putting others down, what people will say, such negative intentions will disturb you and you will follow a wrong path.

Such negative intentions, will not disturb anyone more than you but when someone lose his self-awareness he becomes blind and unaware of this fact, and if you make a wish for such egoistic or fearful intentions you will lose your self-awareness and because of it, many times you will not be able to see what is truly inside your heart.

So, what are you wishing right now. Is it promoting your strength or temptations? Will you discover yourself or lose yourself? Is it your long-term requirement or just short-term ego? Remember, not every wish is good for you and if there is any fake or negative intention behind it, better let it go. Buddha said “When you let it go, you let better things to come”. So better wish something with true heart instead of wanting to satisfy temptation.

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