What Did Asuma Tell Shikamaru?

What Did Asuma Tell Shikamaru?

Asuma Sarutobi was Hiruzen Sarutobi’s son, Konohamaru’ uncle and Sensei of Ino, Shikamaru and Choji (Ino Shika Cho). He was killed by one of the members of Akatsuki “Hidan”. Some days before dying Asuma questioned Shikamaru

Who is the king that you want to protect?
Asuma put this responsibilty over Shikamaru to find the answer, but moments before giving up to his life he gave his answer to Shikamaru.

He tell that upcoming generation is the King and protecting the king is your duty as a Shinobi. He also tell him that Kurenai is pregnant with his child and requested to take care of her.

Article doesn’t end here, he also spoke to other members of Team 10

What did Asuma tell Shikamaru and others

To Ino, he said
“You may be headstrong, but you’re also a considerate caretaker,” Asuma told her. “Choji and Shikamaru… They’re awkward… Clumsy… You watch over them.” And… don’t you ever lose… to Sakura… in either Ninjutsu… or in love.”

To Choji, he said
“Choji… You’re… a thoughtful, loyal friend… and a kind soul,” he said. “In time, you’ll become a stronger shinobi than everyone else… So be more confident in yourself. Also… you might want to drop a few pounds.”

To Shikamaru, he said
“And finally, Shikamaru,” Asuma began. “You’re razor sharp with the instincts of a great shinobi. Truly worthy of becoming Hokage, though you’d probably try to avoid it… since you hate being bothered like that. All those Shogi games, and not once could I beat you. Which reminds me… remember our conversation about the King?”

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