Sony releasing new PS5 Pro [Myth or Rumor?]

Sony releasing new PS5 Pro [Myth or Rumor?]

Is PS5 pro coming or not?
Sony is going to release its PS5 or PlayStation 5 very soon in India and gamers are extremely excited about its launch in India, likewise expectations of electronics there are different versions of different devices (like: pro, lite, max) similar thing is expected from PlayStation 5.
Until now has announced only two versions of PlayStation 5 (classic edition, digital edition)
First of all, it is recommended that you shouldn’t attract upon version name in every case, this is only because such version names keep changing, and without looking at features nothing is ought to be judged
For example, consider a device named “A” and A has two versions
A super
A pro
So which of them is better, this sounds confusing and the solution is to look at its features first then decide according to your personal preferences and requirements.

So until now, PS5 pro is only an expectation and something that people are searching and many bloggers are creating false expectations just for increasing the number of their spectators.
Until now (the date on which this article is written and published) Sony too has no clue about PS5 pro, and until then you can consider the digital edition as a pro edition until Sony announce anything on its own official statement.
Till now there are only two versions announced
Classic edition
Digital edition
The difference according to rumors is that in the classic edition you have to purchase games through physical drivers like CD or DVD,
But in the digital edition, you can purchase a game online and directly install on your hard drive.
You can choose as per your wish as well as your budget.
Sony PlayStation 5 is going to release near Diwali this year which can be a good desire as per Indian traditions because there is a lot of demand for new products during the Diwali season as well as discounts happen so purchasing PS5 in this Diwali season can be a good choice.
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