13 Most Significant Signs of True Friendship

13 Most Significant Signs of True Friendship

Like other relationships, friendship is simply a relationship too, but ‘true friendship’ and all the true relationships in this world are dependent over truthful intentions. In the previous article, we studied that true love inspires you and strengthen up your wisdom. In this article, we will study some of the same stuff about true friendship.

According to Chanakya Neeti, every relationship in this world has a selfish motive behind it and there is no relationship without a selfish motive behind it. Sounds harsh right? But trust me it is not so harsh as it sound. Yes, it is true some people make friends for money, some people make friends for only help but behind some relationships, there is also a selfish motive of love.

Simply saying, a relationship full of inspiration, energy, and optimism is a true relationship and the same in case of friendship. So here are some signs that will prove is your friendship is really true and inspiring or not.

#1. Everything starts with self

True friendship start with yourself
Source : GuidePosts

You are definitely prone to the fact that true love and true friends are rare to find nowadays but, do you know why? This is because nowadays self-love, self-respect, self-honesty is rare. So, first of all you must know that, you have no right to blame someone for dishonesty if you are not honest with yourself.

Another thing you must know that, love and respect are two important elements for any relationship but, you can’t truly love and respect someone if you don’t love and respect yourself. So if you want to attract true friends and relationships in your life make sure you are self-loved, self-respected, and self-honest.

To be self-loved

Make sure you value your happiness and live happily on your own without expecting others to make you happy.

To be self-respected

Make sure you don’t follow anything blindly and don’t take any step which can disturb or hurt you in the future and remember self-respect doesn’t mean flowing away with ego, self respect is about understanding what is best for you, and getting swayed by ego will make you mentally weak and unstable, which will be a contradiction. Also make sure, you are not thinking too much about “What People Will Say?” and keep moving on your way because people who have lost their self respect ‘peer pressure’ is the biggest reason for it, so it is highly reccomended to control your fear and stay away from peer pressure.

To be self-honest

Make sure your intentions are good and clear, Make sure you are a man of your words, make sure you blame yourself for your actions and also make sure, before teaching anything to anyone you have implied it on yourself first.

#2. There is real happiness in true friendship

True friendship supports true happiness
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The happiness that makes you feel strong and positive is real happiness and true friendship promotes it. Fake friends are those who chases and make you chase fake happiness, which includes bullying others, partying or drinking too much, etc. These things are not real happiness because bullying others will only feed your ego and partying too much is waste of time, and if you flow with it you will become mentally weak. So, if you find such kind of people around you don’t expect real friendship from them.

Real happiness is a positive feeling. Working hard, having the pleasure of success, staying optimistic, enjoying the present moments with gratitude, and celebrating some small moments of life are some examples of real happiness.

Remember, sometimes it is good to have fun when there is no intention to hurt someone, partying is good when you feel you are not wasting time. In a real friendship you will fully enjoy such moments with great pleasure but in fake friendship, you will weaken up your mentality as well as waste your time and energy chasing behind fake and short-term happiness, so be wise about your decisions and stay away from such toxic people.

#3. Real friendship supports truthfulness

True Friendship supports truthfulness
Source : PRSCA

True friendship itself signifies truth, real friendship is not perfect but candor. Real friends are the ones who make you more aware of truth more than living with false expectations.

A real friend will accept your own truthful personality and good friends help each other to make aware of truthful facts, good friends also help each other to follow and face the truth and make others feel strong.

Real friends never try to be over-dominant over someone and instead, they understand and trust someone without any intention of making a quarrel, real friends know and understand that you value your self-respect. On the other hand, fake friends are the ones who give you fake expectations which and make you feel weak.

Fake friends don’t accept you as you are and try to change you and sometimes even make you like themselves. Fake friends are selfish, instead of understanding you they will blackmail you and try to dominate you which can even lead to a brawl and if you get swayed away by them you will lose yourself. Keep reading this article and we will study these points in depth.

#4. They help each other to stay strong

True friends helps you to stay strong
Source : CoveCareCentre

A true friend sometimes knows you more than you know yourself and whenever you feel weak, he will encourage you and suitably guide you in a positive direction. A real friend never lets you feel weak. He will also stop you from doing anything that is bad for you or makes you weak.

Real friendship is full of positive vibes and positive vibes attracts positive people. Real friends are the ones who not only celebrate and enjoy with you during happy times but also the ones who help you to stay strong during bad and difficult times.

As mentioned earlier, if you are honest with yourself then only you can survive the most difficult moments of your life and your friend can only help if you really have a desire to stay strong, so stay honest with yourself.

Fake friends will advise you to stay away from the problems and if you don’t listen to them, they will leave you and can even put you in difficult times. Fake friends intentionally doesn’t care about someones feelings, so stay strong and don’t try to indulge yourself in such kinds of toxic relationships.

Remember, it is better to live alone rather than living with a bad company.

#5. They make plans together for a better future

True friends make plan for better future
Source : RobertHalf

Real friends support each other, help and inspire each other. Real friends trust each other and also take responsibility for maintaining that trust. Due to such kind of trust and bondings, they work selflessly as a team and plan together for a better future.

#6. True friends listen to us

Source : thebalancecareer

Fake people talk more and show less or no interest in listening but, in true friendship, there is always proper equity between talking and listening to each other. True friends trust each other and take responsibility for such kind of trust and due to such bonding there is no selfishness and that’s how true friends openly understand and share feelings of each other, they talk and have fun but also listen when required.

#7. True friends don’t pressurize each other

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True friends always make sure that everyone is happy and enjoying their life to its fullest. True friends are open-minded, they always value your interests as well as their interests but they never suppress you with your living priorities and your way of thinking and living. True friends will help you stay positive and sometimes they will stop you from doing anything wrong but they will never suppress the real and unique person inside you. People have some positive and negative qualities but some qualities are neither positive nor negative like an introvert or anti-social behavior, being social is good but it doesn’t mean being introverted is bad. True friends will help you to remove negative qualities from you but they will never try to erase such neutral qualities if you are comfortable in them. Fake friends always try to suppress you and sometimes make you as they like, which makes you feel like a slave, stay away from such people.

#8. True friends help and support each other

Source : PropertyRealm

True friends help each other as much as possible. True friends take friendship as a priority and responsibility “Blood can make you related, but loyalty makes a family” Such loyalty comes when there is no selfish intention as well as there is no intention to pressurize. Fake friends are selfish, they will pressurize you or even emotionally blackmail you when you can’t help, and in return, they will not help you even after being eligible for help but true friends understand that you have some priorities in your life too and value them, they take help from you and also help you accordingly.

#9. True friends accept each other as they are

Source : Thought Catalog

Like said earlier true friendship supports truthfulness. True friends accept each other as they are without suppressing your indifferent qualities. They stop you from doing negative things and many times check you, but they never try to suppress the real you, true friendship only expects love and inspiration from each other.

#10. True friends forgive you

Source : Pyramid Healthcare

In true friendship, there is no egotistical intention to put others down. True friendship starts with self-honesty and they know that everybody does mistake in his life and that’s why are ready to forgive you and realize your mistakes. On the other hand, fake friends will blame and mentally torture you even when you did no mistake.

#11. True friends stay with you during both good and bad times

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When you are happy you will have a lot of people to surround you but when you are sad only true friends will surround you and help you to cope up with the stress you are facing.

#12. True friends encourage you to achieve your goals

Source : Hashtag Positivity

True friendship is full of love and inspiration. As mentioned earlier true friends make you feel strong, they encourage you to achieve goals and many times work as a team. They motivate you to keep moving forward and pushing your limits. Fake relationships demotivate you and make you feel weak, many times they will forcibly waste your time for their own selfish motives.

#13. True friends share a lot of memories

Source : YourFates

True friends create a lot of memorable moments with each other, they spend funny moments, celebrating moments as well as some pride and achieving moments. Psychologists say the friendship that stays for 7 years remains for a lifetime.

I also recommend you to take some time to read this beautiful article : 3 MOST BEAUTIFUL FACTS ABOUT LOVE if you can’t read it now you can bookmark it for later.

In the end, I wish that you will too receive the blessings of a true friendship. True friendship and true relationships are full of true intentions and it you can only attract them if you have clear intentions and self-honesty as mentioned above because real friends don’t put others down, they make each other feel strong and real friendship is honest and there is no blackmailing, real friends make you feel comfortable and satisfied. So if you really want to attract true friendship and true relationships in your life promise now, that you will never have any egoistic intentions and you will be honest with yourself. Do you promise? Comment below


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