Psychological Tips that will level up your life

Psychological Tips that will level up your life

Mental health is the most important thing to care about in our life. No amount of money, No kind of relationship, and nothing else are more important than mental health. This site will regularly share many kinds of tips to take care of your mental health. In this article, we are going to discuss two of the most basic things we should follow to keep our brain energy at its best. These tips have been shared by almost every life coach, motivational speaker, and many psychologists.

These psychological tips will help you to boost up your intelligence and self-awareness, self awareness is a key aspect of life without self-awareness a person will never be able to sense what is happening right with him and what is happening wrong, this is because you don’t know yourself and when you don’t know yourself you don’t know what is good or bad for you. The Great mystic Osho once said

Discover yourself or you will have to depend upon those who don’t know themselves.

– Osho

Another thing is about Intelligence, You might have heard a lot of times, Intelligence is not everything, Yes, it is true, But, being a fool is worse. If you sharpen up your brain you will have the power to make the right decisions and you will learn everything deeply from what you experienced.

I am telling this because many people experience many kinds of problems in their life, but, some people take advantage of it, some learn from it, and some feel discouraged and quit.

Only smart and Intelligent people can take advantage of the things they experienced and learn proper things from it, even when they face failure. Smart people are those who can find solutions for their problems but fools are the ones who give up easily and learn nothing from it.

When Self-Awareness and Intelligence work together you will be able to design in a better way and experience life at its utmost beauty.
So keep reading the article till the end and share it with your friends if you find it useful.

1. Strengthen Up Neuron Network In Your Brain

Neurons in your brain

You may have heard about neuron cells in our nervous system which works together and analyze information, with the increase of neurons in our brain we strengthen up the neuron network. When we have a stronger network of neurons, faster and deeper it became for our brain to analyze the information and you become more mentally strong and you upgrade other areas of mental health too.

Neurons are also responsible for your energy, the stronger the neuron network you have more positive you feel, people are mentally dull because they have a weak network of neurons in their brain cells and that’s why they have less self-esteem, less confidence, and other negative traits.

Those who have a strong neuron network are mentally strong as they have more mental energy and they have more positive traits, such people are more optimistic and they have a higher chance of getting successful in many areas of life.

Now the question is

How to strengthen up your neuron network?

Neurons in our brain increase when we experience something new, when you travel to a new place, when you learn something new or when you take a new challenge or any new experience changes the neuron network in your brain.

Great personalities have said “More knowledge you have, more beautiful your life becomes” so try to learn new and new things, and it’s not necessary to go through your syllabus, you can learn anything new even about what you like to learn and experience, also when you have free time you can visit new places, you can take new and new challenges as well as goals like

  • I want to lose my weight
  • I want to complete this book
  • I will achieve this

And many other challenges as per your interests

Another thing matter is your quality of life, Negative thoughts, negative emotions, and unwise learning can be led to the shrinkage of your neurons. So try to avoid negative people around you and try not to argue with them, because negative people will deplete your quality of thoughts and it will decrease your neurons, on the other side most pessimists are emotionally unstable they get angry without any reason or not enough reason, they also start emotional drama when their selfishness is not satisfied.

So better not to take such kind of people seriously and move on your way and try to stay with people who are positive and make you feel energized.
Above tips, also have a great relation with your self awareness, energy you recieve from neurons helps you to know yourself.

A lot of old people behave childishly, this is because they believe that they have no meaning left for their life and they start avoiding almost everything and it led to shrinkage of neurons and I believe it as a reason for why they are childish. So stay away from such beliefs.
We will discuss more related facts in upcoming articles so stay updated to

2. Tone both the hemispheres of your brain.

Two hemispheres of brain

All of us have two hemispheres of our brain, the Right hemisphere is responsible for creativity and the Left hemisphere is responsible for logic and analytical processes.

Logic means the ability to create information from two or more given information and creativity means the ability to create something. And the fact is you need to tone up both of your hemispheres.

But Why?
This is because logic means the ability to “CREATE” information from two or more information, focus on the word “CREATE” and to create you require your creative side of the brain, you can not create anything without your creative brain and analysis of your analytical brain will be incomplete.

On the other side, we can’t create anything if we don’t know anything lets take an example, Artist can not make a painting if he doesn’t have proper knowledge about colors and if he has proper knowledge of colors but if he is not creative enough he will never be called as an artist.
This tells us that our logical mind is dependent on our creative mind and the creative mind is dependent on the logical mind.

So we need to train both areas of our brain because
Creativity + Logical ability = Intelligence.

So you should perform at least one creative and one logical task daily. To sharpen up your logical mind you can play chess, solve riddles and puzzles, or scientific or mathematical problems if interested.

To sharpen up your creativity you can follow any of your interests or hobbies, you can draw your own paintings and drawings or designs (note: make your own don’t copy) if interested in music you can compose your own melodies and sounds, Choice is yours.

In the end here is an interesting fact for you.

Do you know?
Albert Einstein used to solve up more and more difficult mathematical and scientific problems daily, with it he also used to compose new and new melodies on the violin, by solving mathematical and scientific problems he is sharpening his logical mind and by playing the violin he is sharpening up his creativity. He was on a regular challenge and that’s why he has a very strong network of neurons in his brain.


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