Netlify Hosting 2020 | A Brief History and features

Netlify Hosting 2020 | A Brief History and features

In this digital world, websites and applications have become a big competition everywhere, and to compete for tough, many people are also ready to spend some money and looking for the best web hosting and backend services. Netlify is one of the greatest web hosting services available today. In this article, we will know about the history of Netlify and a little bit about its history too. This article is specially written for those who are passionate about this digital world and wanted to explore some of its past.

History of Netlify

Netlify is founded on 27th January 2014 as per corporation, which is just about 6 years old and can’t be considered so old. It was finally launched on 7 April 2015 (about 5 years from now). Its Headquarters are established in San Francisco, United States, and providing its services to the whole world. Mathias Biilmann is the Chief Executive Officer of Netlify and Christian Bach is the president. In 2020, Netlify is said to have around 97 employees.

According to Wikipedia Google, Facebook, Verizon, NBC, Samsung, Nike, Cisco, Atlassian, LiveChat, Unilever, TriNet, Loblaw, Wieden+Kennedy, HashiCorp, Vue.js, Citrix, Peloton, Kubernetes, Lodash, Smashing Magazine, and Sequoia Capital are also customers of Netlify.

Wikipedia sources furthermore said about the history of Netlify. It says a predecessor of the Netlify company was founded in 2014 (as mentioned above) A Danish entrepreneur Mathias Biilmann noticed the emergence of Git-centered workflows with modern build tools and static sites generators, a shift he described as “a massive change happening in the web development space” while running MakerLoop, a content management startup based in San Francisco.

In 2015, the CEO of the company Mathias Biilmann invited his childhood friend Christian Bach who was working as an executive at a creative services agency in Denmark, to join him as a co-founder in his new venture. Netlify was launched as a public accessible product on 7 April 2015.
On 19 December 2017, MakerLoop filed a certificate of amendment with the Secretary of State of Delaware rebranding the entire company as Netlify.

In 2016, During August, Netlify raised $2.1 million from the founders of  GitHub, Heroku, and Rackspace Cloud. After a year, Netlify company announced that it has been raised to $12 million in August 2017, $30 million in 2018 and its financial growth reached $53 million in March 2020.

Two of the greatest services of Netlify are Netlify CMS and Jamstack.

Netlify CMS

Netlify CMS

This is a project of Netlify, which was named as “GitHub project of the week” by the Software Development Times. Wikipedia says “To address some of the limitations of static websites, which tend to be less sophisticated and harder to use for the website maintainer than a dynamic content publishing solution such as WordPress or Medium, Netlify develops its own open-source headless content management system called Netlify CMS.”



Jamstack is a cloud-native web development architecture based on client-side JavaScript code, reusable APIs, and markup content which is created by Netlify itself.

According to Wikipedia “In its purest form, the idea of Jamstack is that a web application is pre-built into static pages, using content and code to generate the output. In basic terms, Jamstack is a significant shift in focus from the now abstractable back end to the now-powerful front end.”

Netlify has three options for its access which is Free, Pro, and Business you can check more about this on their official website

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