Naruto Vs Sasuke | Full History And Description Of Their Rivalry

Naruto Vs Sasuke | Full History And Description Of Their Rivalry

Naruto and Sasuke were the two main characters of the whole Naruto series and were seen as rivals from the start. Naruto was jealous of Sasuke from the beginning but still, they considered each other as friends which was a secret inside their hearts.

But still, Naruto was jealous of him because his crush Sakura likes Sasuke, on the other side Naruto was not so smart and talented as compared to Sasuke, and Sasuke was acknowledged in the whole class whereas Naruto was disrespected in the class. That’s why Naruto showed jealousy and Sasuke believed Naruto was annoying and because of his jealous attitude towards him that was the reason they can’t prove and fully understand the friendship in each other hearts.

But when Sasuke turned towards Orochimaru he has to show his care and friendship in his heart and Sasuke also accepted Naruto as his best friend because his task was to kill his most loved friend as told by Itachi, however, he failed to do kill him and their rivalry continued to the end of the series. In this article, we are going to have a brief description of their rivalry

Their rivalry started as Indra and Ashura

Indra Ashura and Naruto Sasuke
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Indra and Ashura were the two sons of Haguromo Otsutsuki (Sage of six paths) and Indra was stronger than Ashura and Indra was also the inventor of the hand signs and Ninjutsu, but he was arrogant. On the other side, Ashura was weaker than Indra but he was humble. One day Haguromo has to decide, which one will be the successive master of Ninshū. So, he gave a task to both of them in which they are sent to two different villages and were told to help them out with the problem they are facing.

Indra did his task and came back in a few days, on the other side Ashura come back after a year, but with him, some people came to thank Haguromo, After some timd Haguromo realized that Indra didn’t properly help the village he was sent instead, he deteriorated the problem of them, So Hagurome announced Ashura as the successive master of Ninshū and entrusted him with his powers but Indra got envy and knowing from Black Zetsu he killed his followers and unlocked Mangekyoū Sharingan. When Haguromo was taking his last breaths Ashura promised to keep reincarnating until Indra didn’t stop, this was because Indra promised to defeat him and overpower him in reincarnation, and the story continues.

The rivalry continued with Madara and Hashirama

Madara Uchiha Vs Hashirama Senju

During the process of reincarnation of Indra and Ashura, they incarnated as Madara Uchiha and Hashirama Senju. There were a huge hostility and hatred between both Uchiha and Senju clan, In the childhood, Hashirama and Madara without knowing each other’s clan became playmates and when they talk and play, they dream about having their own village where people lived peacefully.

After they know that they were of the enemy clans, they used to fight with each other and had some wars and conflicts as well, but somehow they settled these conflicts and shake a hand of friendship with each other and laid the foundation of their own village and Madara named it hidden leaf village and many clans and families stared living there.

When it comes to choosing the village leader (Kage) opposition stands for Hashirama Senju and Madara felt envy and he started fighting with Hashirama again. The story sounds similar to Indra and Ashura, Right? However, Hashirama defeated him but still promise of both of the previous reincarnations was incomplete so they continued their reincarnation process.

Naruto and Sasuke

Naruto Vs Sasuke

The rivalry finally came to the main story that is Naruto and Sasuke. Sasuke was the son of Uchiha clan leader Fugaku and brother of Itachi Uchiha. On the other side, Naruto was the son of the Fourth Hokage, but Naruto lost his father in a massacre caused by a nine-tailed fox and he became an orphan at the same time he was born.

Itachi slaughtered his clan including his parents and Sasuke become an orphan too, Itachi challenged Sasuke to come and fight him after awakening Mangekyoū Sharingan which he will awake by killing his best friend. You can know more about this in this article. So Sasuke after a long time teaming up with Naruto they become friends, but in between the story, he met Itachi and finds himself still very much weaker than Itachi. So now he gets frustrated and wanted to join Orochimaru’s company for power, but Naruto wanted to stop him so they started a fight which ended with Sasuke aiming Chidori in his 3rd state of curse mark towards Naruto and Naruto aiming Rasengan towards Sasuke in his nine tails mode and fight ended up where Naruto gets defeated, but, he was alive.

Sasuke made his comeback in the fourth great ninja war and said he will become Hokage after supporting the alliance in this war, after the end of the war, Sasuke was required to revive those who were stuck in Tsukuyomi, but he resisted because he wanted to create his world without Kages and beasts and he will be the Hokage, and to stop him Naruto has to fight with him, so they fought at the same place and put the highest strength and power of them, they even cut off arms of each other and showed huge destruction, after that Sasuke finally gave up and they restored the Tsukuyomi and revived all the members trapped inside it.

Naruto vs Sasuke: Who is the winner?

Ashura vowed to stop Indra and it became possible in this reincarnation and Ashura’s vow got completed, however, Indra was not able to defeat him even in Madara and Hashirama’s battle. At this point, Sasuke gave up and Ashura completed his vow to stop him and Naruto completed his dream of becoming Hokage. So we can say Naruto is the winner. However, it is just the end of rivalry and now they are like friends and no more competition is there, there is only teamwork.

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