Mumbai Indians established 5 great victories in IPL

Mumbai Indians established 5 great victories in IPL

Mumbai Indians the topmost team in the Indian Premier League with the most number of IPL winnings make its 5th winning in the history of IPL by defeating Delhi Capitals in the final.
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Mumbai Indians performance in IPL 2020

Mumbai Indians started their IPL 2020 journey first match with the beginning of the IPL 2020 season.
Their first match was against Chennai Super Kings in which they lost but this was not able to lower down the game spirit of them, they were still able to play the upcoming matches with their full moral and energy.
In their next match against Kolkata Knight Riders, they made a great score of 195 in the first inning which Kolkata Knight Riders failure to complete, and Mumbai Indians got their first victory of the season.
The next match of them was against Royal Challengers Bangalore which was one of the most enjoyable and entertaining matches of the season where Mumbai Indians received a target of 202 and Mumbai Indians scored 201 which led to a super over in which Mumbai Indians lost.
After this, they continuously defeated King XI Punjab, Sunrisers Hyderabad, Rajasthan Royals, Delhi Capitals, Kolkata Knight Riders, and lost to Kings XI Punjab in their next match by super over.
In match 41 they defeated Chennai Super Kings by 10 wickets.
In the next match against Rajasthan Royals, they made a brilliant score of 195 but Rajasthan Royals were able to beat the score, and Mumbai Indians lost.
In their next matches, they defeated Royal Challengers Bangalore and Delhi Capitals, and ranking as the number one team, Mumbai Indians qualified for the playoffs.
But in the last match against Sunrisers Hyderabad, they lost which actually does not matter when you are qualified for the first qualifier round in the playoffs.
In qualifier 1 they defeated Delhi capitals and make their way to the final.
However, Delhi Capitals got another chance in qualifier 2 and made their way to the finals and competed with Mumbai Indians once again in the final.
Mumbai Indians defeated them again and stump the throne of the season.
Mumbai Indians competed 4 times against Delhi Capitals and defeated them in every match.

Award winners of Mumbai Indians.

Kieron Pollard: IPL 2020 Super Striker of the season
Man of the finals: Trent Boult
Most sixes of the season: Ishan Kishan
Powerplayer of the season: Trent Boult

Short History of Mumbai Indians

From the beginning of the Indian Premier League, MI were seen (i.e from 2008) this team was initially under the captaincy of the great Sachin Tendulkar.
At the beginning season performance of Mumbai Indians was not so good. They ended at the fifth position.
In 2009 MI finished at 7th position which was worse.
But in 2010 Mumbai Indians showed great improvement and ended up in the first position.
However, that season was won by Chennai Super Kings.
MI still doesn’t lose hope and competed in 2011 and reached to 2nd position in the points table, but Chennai Super Kings won again, but continuous efforts and spirit of MI were highly appreciated.
They made its way to the third position in 2012 again but that season was won by Kolkata Knight Riders.
In 2013 they made their way to 2nd position again, they were defeated by Chennai Super Kings in qualifier one but as a second position holder they got one more chance at qualifier two where they defeated Rajasthan Royals and made their way to the final against Chennai Super Kings, this time they defeated Chennai Super Kings and first time hold their victory in Indian Premier League.

Mumbai Indians 2013 winning moment

They were successful in erasing the title of losers from them and won IPL 2015, 2017, 2019, and 2020 and now is the topmost team reigning in the IPL who won 5 seasons in the eighth year and continuously 2 seasons in a row breaking the odd-even jinx.

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