Latest Gaming updates [NOV 2020]

Latest Gaming updates [NOV 2020]

As we all know, this generation is very fond of gaming and gaming has reached a point where now people are earning money by playing games
This gaming era has trolled the Orthodox facts
“Gaming is a waste of time”
“Gaming is for kids”
“Gaming will not shape your future”
And to shape up this gaming era more and more updates keep coming.
Here are some of the greatest updates popular in November 2020.

Launch of PS5 Gaming console

ps5 gaming console

PlayStation is one of the most demanded gaming console company in the world as well as in India.
PlayStation has been rising for many years and this year PlayStation has launched its 5th version PS5 after 7 years of PS4.
Under this month PS5 has been launched in many parts of the world and Indians are still waiting for the release.
In India, PS5 is expected to be released this month but right now there is no news whether the released edition is classic or digital, but maybe late or early it will surely come.
Thinking about PS5 pro? (Readout this article)

Xbox Series X

xbox x gaming console

Xbox is one of the most favorite gaming consoles in the world from Microsoft and people are waiting for the release of its latest series Xbox Series X.
This is expected to be the most powerful and fastest gaming console every from Microsoft Xbox.
This is expected to be released in December 2020 in India.

GeForce Now

geforce now gaming service

GeForce Now is the brand used by Nvidia for its cloud gaming services.
The Nvidia Shield version of GeForce now which was also known as NVIDIA GRID launched its Beta in 2013.
The GeForce Beta version was launched in October 2015, The full version of GeForce was released in February 2020 and gamers are searching high for this cloud service by Nvidia.
There are two memberships for GeForce cloud and the good news is one of them is for free that you can enjoy.

Project xCloud

project xcloud for gaming in smartphones and tablets

Project xCloud is the gaming service by Microsoft which is designed to stream Xbox One games on smartphones and tablets.
It was finally launched in September 2020.
Users can play more than 100 games in this project.
You can search more about this on different websites.

Although four of the above-covered topics are very much popular in the gaming world of the 21st century.
With the increase in demand for gaming, more and more updates with the growing technology will come, and much exciting things will come so stay updated with them.
Happy Gaming


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