Jiraiya: The Pervy Sage [5 AMAZING FACTS]

Jiraiya: The Pervy Sage [5 AMAZING FACTS]

Jiraiya is one of the legendary sanin from the hidden leaf village is one of the funniest and highly likely characters in the Naruto series. Naruto used to call him Ero Senin which means Pervy Sage of which the audience made huge fun of.

He was funny as well as a very strong Shinobi and a very good mentor. He has trained many of the greatest ninjas and made a great legacy for him. In this article, we will discuss many of the greatest facts and interesting moments with Jiraiya.

#1. Jiraiya accidentally transported himself to toad mountain

Jiraiya Sage training
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Jiraya in his childhood was once training with his teacher Hiruzen Sarutobi (Third Hokage) and he was learning Transportation Jutsu but in overexcitement, he tried Transportation Jutsu without any target place and reached toad Mountain. Where he knows that he has to train a child of prophecy. After knowing this Jiraiya went through sage training and learned Sage Jutsu.

#2. Jiraiya was stronger than he was seen in the beginning

Jiraiya vs Orochimaru
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Jiraiya had learned Sage Jutsu in his childhood and he was an expert in using it but he never turned on his Sage Mode and that’s why he was believed to be weaker than Orochimaru but actually, he was not.

He never used to turn on his sage mode because he looked weird in it. When fighting Orochimaru he didn’t turn his sage mode on because his crush Tsunade was there and he didn’t want to look weird before her.

#3. Jiraiya trained the greatest ninjas around the world.

Jiraiya and students
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Looking for his child of prophecy he trained many great shinobis. During the Third Great Ninja War, he found three orphans Yahiko, Konan, and Nagato and they grew up to be so strong that they became the leaders of Akatsuki.

He also trained Minato Namikaze, who was Naruto’s father and Fourth Hokage of the hidden leaf village. Above all, he trained Naruto Uzumaki, the hero of the hidden lead village during pain’s attack and also a hero of the fourth great ninja war, he grew up and become the Seventh Hokage and the greatest Hokage of the hidden leaf village.

#4. He was expected to be Hokage

Jiraiya with fifth hokage tsunade
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Jiraiya was chosen as the Fifth Hokage of the hidden leaf village but he denied that offer because he took the responsibility of training Naruto at his full focus and effort which was successful and also, he was interested in his pervy research and writings and that’s why he denied being Hokage.

#5. He used sage mode to fight against his own student

Jiraiya Sage Mode
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Jiraiya once traveled to hidden rain village to know about their leader and he found out that his students Konan and Yahiko were the leaders and wearing Akatsuki’s outfit and he has to fight with them to stop the violence created by Akatsuki. He was seen the first time using sage mode at that moment and killed one of the six pain. However, in the end, he died fighting them and it was the most emotional moment in the Naruto series.

Jiraya was a highly liked character with a funny pervy characterization and he was killed by his student who was Akatsuki’s leader. Hearing news of his death everyone cried including Tsunade and Naruto. Naruto got angry and started seeking avenge for the death of his master and for such purpose Naruto learned Sage Jutsu and saved his village and received a high respect.

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