JBL BOOMBOX Series | Full Specifications

JBL BOOMBOX Series | Full Specifications

JBL company is known for its great quality music products (such as headphones, speakers, earbuds, earphones) JBL Boombox and JBL Boombox 2 are one of the most favorite and highly demanded speakers in the world. Here we are going to know some of the features of both powerhouse speakers.

JBL Boombox

JBL Boombox

JBL Boombox Bluetooth speaker delivers monstrous sound with long-lasting battery life. You can enjoy your favorite music with a single full charge as it has a Lithium-ion Polymer (74Wh) battery of 20,000 mAh and dual charge out, it requires a charging time of fewer than 6.5 hours, you can also charge your external devices anytime and keep the music rocking.

JBL Boombox is IPX7 waterproof which withstands any weather and even the most epic pool parties and you can also switch between indoor and outdoor modes.

If you need more massive amounts of fun with your music you can connect more than 100 JBL Connect+ enabled Bluetooth speaker range with just one press of a button.
This product weighs 5.25 kgs and size dimensions are 25.45 x 45.85 x 19.55 (cm)

In short, it supports: Auto-power off, 3.5 mm audio cable, Bluetooth, JBL Connect+, Powerbank, Speakerphone, Voice Assistant integration, Waterproof.
The price of this extraordinary speaker is about $399.
You can check out different stores and select price according to your affordability.

JBL Boombox 2

JBL Boombox 2

JBL Boombox 2 Bluetooth speakers also have an IPX7 waterproof design, it is waterproof up to 3 feet deep for fearless outdoor entertainment.

This powerful speaker brings out the monstrous bass sound from day to night long and you can connect to other JBL PartyBoost compatible stickers to boost up the party fun. Its battery capacity is 10,000 mAh and the charging time required is 6.5 hours.

It supports Bluetooth version 5.1 with a transmission power of nearly 10 dBm.
It has a Sleek, Bold, and powerful design. With its iconic grip handle and stylish side flares, JBL Boombox 2 will turn heads wherever you take it.
Its built-in power bank will not let your devices shut while dancing in a party or rocking anywhere.

This product weighs 5.9 kgs and size dimensions are 48.5 x 20.1 x 25.7 (cm)

It supports a 3.5 mm audio cable, Bluetooth, Charging cable, PowerBank, and IPX7 designed waterproof.

This powerhouse speaker costs around $499

you can buy this at your favorite online stores.


The first thing is both of them are heavy to carry, both of them weigh more than 5 kgs. Both are very loud and clear with bass but, JBL Boombox has an audio output of 2×30 watt in AC mode, and JBL Boombox 2 has an audio output of 2×40 watt in AC mode, and both are designed to play for long periods, however, both differ in terms of battery life JBL Boombox battery is 20,000 mAh long where eas JBL Boombox 2 battery is 10,000 mAh long, so JBL Boombox can be considered better in terms of battery life.

JBL PartyBoost feature is not available in JBL Boombox, it is available only in JBL Boombox 2. On the other side, the JBL Connect+ feature is not available in JBL Boombox 2, it is only available in JBL Boombox. Both devices can be used as powerbank.

Both devices are IPX7 are waterproof but JBL Boombox is splash resistant whereas JBL Boombox 2 is resistant to immersion also.

JBL Boombox has Bluetooth support of 4.2 on the other side JBL Boombox 2 has the support of Bluetooth 5.1.
So, in my opinion, JBL Boombox 2 might be a better option because it has good sound quality and better water resistance, but you have right to choose your device as per your requirements and budget.

So choose wisely and enjoy your music

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