iPhone 12 is going to be sold without a charger. Why? [SOME VALID REASONS]

Apple has planned that iPhone 12 will be sold without a charger, the charger has to be purchased separately.
But the question is why?
What can be the reason?
Here can be some valid reasons why the iPhone 12 is not selling with a charger according to some opinions.

1. Just like in the previous time’s mobile companies stopped providing earphones inside their boxes, the reason being people prefer earphones made by its own special company like boAt, Sennheiser, Bose, etc. So people prefer these products which are better than those available inside mobile boxes.
So reason can be similar, Apple may be planning its separate area for manufacturing chargers which can be expected for a better future for mobile battery health.

2. Another reason that many of us have noticed that wherever you purchase a mobile there is a warning to use its charger provided inside the mobile box and don’t use any other charger, which is for utmost security and safety of mobile battery health.
But the thing is that it’s very difficult to keep chargers in proper condition for a long time and at that moment people ignore the warning and buy another charger unwisely.
So looking at this issue Apple company may be trying to solve this problem and likewise above point may be trying to open up it’s a new and separate area to provide chargers for better mobile battery health.

So at last here it concluded that Apple company may be trying to improve battery health conditions and for its comfortable work they are providing chargers separately and if a separate area for chargers is coming we can expect that chargers are manufacturing under more special circumstances and that’s why it is selling for a special price too.


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