How To Stay Motivated All Time [301% WORKING TIPS]

How To Stay Motivated All Time  [301% WORKING TIPS]

How to stay motivated all time? If you come here to read this article you might be one of those people who are ambitious, who wants to achieve a goal and you are aware of the fact that if you are motivated, you can do your required task with more focus and can take maximum benefit from it, if you are aware of this fact, then congrats, you come here at right area.

You might be one of them who come here to read this post after hearing a fact again and again, “Just like you can’t stay happy all time, you can’t stay motivated all time”. And I want to say one thing “This is true”. However, this is important to know that we don’t need it every time, we need that motivational energy only that time we need it, most of the time we need this motivational energy when we are working towards our goals and when we are facing some problems, so there is no need to worry about it, we all are humans and we have a limited amount of energy.

Still, you want to be motivated all time? Let’s take an example, imagine a person who is motivated all the time and you are partying with him, that moment is to enjoy but that person will start giving moral lectures and can even spoil the mood of the party, you will mock that person naming him “serious”, this was just an imagination but in reality, such people are just wasting their energy because they should use that energy when needed not during he should enjoy.

Remember a fact, no matter how much money you earn, but if you don’t spend some amount to enjoy your life you will die regretfully and if you don’t enjoy your life now you can never enjoy it.

Moreover, overexcitement, forgetfulness, overconfidence, and losing self control are some side effects of getting too much motivated and not using it properly.

Coming back to the point, if you want to stay motivated and energetic in your tasks, what you need to learn is

  • How to use your energy wisely
  • How to increase your energy for motivation

Here are some tips that will definitely help you to charge up your instincts

Don’t waste your energy

Don't waste your energy
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You are wasting your energy if you are motivated at the time you don’t need to be motivated (like the example above) if you use your energy at the wrong area and wrong time you are wasting it, so it is better to activate your motivational energy at the time it is required.

Emotionally unstable people are the ones who waste their energy too much especially, people who show off too much, overthinking people and those who get angry too easily without a good reason or no reason are the energy wasters as they are wasting their time and energy in useless conflicts, on the other people who are mentally strong try to stay away from useless conflicts because they are wise about using their energy and they know that this energy can be used in some useful areas and it is complete nonsense to waste energy and time in such useless conflicts, they are even wise when they are angry, they know that they can even use anger in some good and useful areas.

Overthinking people are those who worry too much about things that are not required to worry about and can be easily solved, they waste all the energy on useless things, and people who show off too much are the ones who waste their energy on showing off every time, such people when continuing such egoistic attitude starts developing qualities of a fool with time. If you feel that even one of the above traits are matching with you start controlling yourself now.

So better use your energy and focus more on your tasks and stay in control. If you are surrounded by negative idiots, try to avoid them as much as possible, and if they are trying to hurt you don’t take anything seriously, remember it is not your problem if someone is indisciplined, so better understand that they are only trying to put you down and if you fell for it, you fail. So no need to take any negative words emotionally and simply ignore such stupids and save your motivation for later use.

Don’t squeeze your energy

Squeeze out energy
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All of us have gone through a moment in our life when we feel so much motivated that we feel like we will conquer the world and we can even defeat our greatest fear. Before moving on let’s take an example, imagine a person exercising, exercise is good for our health as it improves our strength, stamina, agility, and overall fitness and if someone wants to be more fit, he needs to push his limits slowly and patiently but, if that person become impatient and pushed himself so much, he may undergo loss in his health conditions and instead of getting benefits of exercise he will suffer loss, so it’s better to also get an adequate amount of rest.

A similar thing happens with many of us, when we are in a state of high motivation it ends at a point in time because there are limits to that energy and this is natural, there is no need to worry about it, but when such a feeling ends we feel demoralized and try to squeeze our mind to get that feeling back, which is bad, such thing can make you stressful and can even result with a negative impact on your behavior including decreased motivation, on the other side if you make yourself calm after that feeling you can take benefits from it like increased confidence, focus and increased motivation. So don’t demoralize yourself if that feeling ends and stay calm.

Now you should also learn how to increase your energy of motivation

All the above tips are helpful including below

Be aware of your fitness

Be aware of your fitness
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Our mind feeds upon what we eat, if we eat healthy food it will provide better quality fuel to our mind and we become more mentally strong and energetic, moreover exercise regularly, it will help you for better absorption of your nutrients and mind will become more strong with the body.


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Doing meditation is the greatest habit you can adopt, meditation is an ocean of benefits and it is a sure way to increase your mental strength and energy. Meditation makes you feel calm and also you will become wise enough to know your energy and use it.

Surround yourself with positive people

How to stay motivated all the time. Stay with positive people
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Surround yourself with people who make you feel positive and enthusiastic, such people will also guide you about what is best for you and always encourage you with the right path.

Engaging with positive people is not selfish, because real friends are those who care about you and bring out the best of you, on the other side fake friends are those who deteriorate you and try to fill you with negative intentions, such people are selfish and they only want you for their ego satisfaction and to take benefit for you and that’s why they emotionally blackmail you calling you selfish, rock hearted, etc.

So change your surroundings and change yourself.
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