How To Be Patient While Learning

How To Be Patient While Learning

When you want to learn something new, you need a beginner mind because you are. An impatient and stressful mind can’t absorb new things easily but a calm and patient mind is always open to learning many things and can easily absorb new concepts.

Patience simply means to be mentally connected with whatever thing you do but an impatient mind is filled with overthinking attitude and it will make it difficult for you to focus on one thing at a time but when you are patient your mind can absorb things easily because it is fully focused on one thing with stillness.

Let me clarify one misconception, patience does not always mean slow but when you are focused on one thing with a patient attitude your mind will absorb it easily and quickly. According to a previous article, when you will notice these small changes you will develop confidence and when you develop confidence you will be able to do your next tasks with more energy and focus and your mind will absorb new concepts more easily.
Remember, if you want to learn something fast, impatience is not a solution but smart work is. In this article here are some tips for such kind of smart work.

Focus on one thing at a time

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Suppose you want to learn martial arts, there are many types of kicks, punches etc. If you are impatient you will try to learn many moves at a time and you are just a beginner but you will start learning roundhouse kick, jab cross punch and other moves in the same day if you adopt such attitude you will feel stressful and motivated with time because your mind has limited energy as a human and you are not using it wisely and with time you will feel stressful and demoralised but if you choose to learn one move at a time you are giving your full energy to it and you will learn it quickly and effectively because you are properly focused to it and when you will learn it you will feel more confident and energized to learn things forward. So be patient and while learning new things focus deeply on one concept.

In reality, the Indian education system is the root cause of developing impatience and stress in Indian students because in a day they will cover more than 2 or 3 concepts and such impatience keeps promoting stress.

Take rest

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Proper rest is an important part of the patient attitude in learning, the human mind can absorb new more easily after rest because we feel refreshed. After rest, we can perform everything in a more agile manner and we have even more energy and serenity to learn new things fast. The benefits of taking rest can only experienced by developing a patient attitude. So work hard with full of your heart and mind but don’t stress out your mind “Take a break”

Exercise your mind

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Our mind becomes stronger when exercised and we develop a better ability to learn and absorb things in a faster way. So meditate, play brain games and also take care of your physical fitness because mind works better with a healthy body.


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