Diwali 2020: How this diwali can be celebrated in a great manner?

Diwali is one of the most favorite festivals celebrated in India.
According to Ramayana, this day is celebrated as a day when Lord Rama came back after 14 years of exile.
Lord Rama is known as one of the avatars of the superior god Lord Vishnu.
This day is celebrated every year in the month of October or November.
This is one of the most favorite festivals in India and a year without its celebration sometimes feel like a wasted year.
So how can you celebrate it in a great manner, here are some tips.

Let go of all of your stress in Diwali

Each of us is going through any kind of stress.
Like children are going through the stress of study stuff, Men are facing office stress.
The world of today is going through a high amount of stress.
So why don’t we try to let go of all of the stress for one day?
Remember mistakes can be corrected and no doubt how much you try to control but your stress is under your control and mistakes can be forgotten.
Children also get Diwali holidays in schools and working people also get off in their offices.
But children go through the word “enjoy less and study more in Diwali holidays”
But marks are not everything and life stress is worst and one day without any study stress can be a great choice is possible.
So why don’t we try to forget all of the stress we are facing for one day and trying to live to the fullest for this day.
So one day without any negativity can make your Diwali a Happy Diwali.
So try not to be angry, not to be stressed, and not any kind of negative expectations and emotions and take a step for a new and better life and make this Diwali incredible.

Avoid too much of crackers.

As we know that crackers and Diwali have a great relationship and whenever we imagine Diwali we can’t imagine its image without crackers.
However, too much cracker usage led to air pollution as well as noise pollution which not only creates pollution but also disturbs sick and old people.
So make sure you limit your cracker usage and also burn crackers at such a place where no one gets disturbed.
Enjoying is good but disturbing others is not good, so choose a place where you can enjoy freely as well you don’t disturb others.

So, enjoy Diwali at it’s best, stay safe as well as be positive with your actions.

Happy Diwali

Happy Diwali

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