Happiness hormones | Full guide to access them

Happiness hormones | Full guide to access them

Happiness is the most basic emotion of our life, happiness is very much important if you want to live a wonderful life. Our happiness is not fully dependent on luxurious things, but our behavior, our mental strength, our discipline, and many other factors.

Such factors are responsible for releasing happiness hormones and when these hormones are released we feel the energy as well as strong from inside, that’s why it is said “your happiness doesn’t depend on others but you” you must learn to stay happy on your own and when you learn to hack these happiness hormones you will be able to upgrade in your life.

In this article, you will not only learn how to hack these chemicals but also know the benefits, facts and other positive impacts on you life.


A man released serotonin happiness hormone
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Serotonin is present in our pineal gland this hormome is responsible for happiness in terms of your mental stability and calmness with a feeling of peace. When you learn to hack serotonin you will feel more confident, more energized, more focused, and more self-aware. If you are suffering from anxiety, lacking confidence, stress as well as mental and emotional instability, you should learn to hack serotonin out. Here are some great ways to hack it out.


When you exercise with your full heart and mind, you feel some amazing, this is because you have released some amount of serotonin. This kind of pleasure from exercising makes you mentally strong and you feel more determined to your physical health. By exercising daily you will receive the benefits of serotonin, like more focused, decreasing stress, increased energy, and much more


When you meditate properly, you feel calm and mentally stable. Meditation has a huge list of benefits such as increased focus, increased energy and consciousness, decreased stress, and many other benefits. Coming back to the point meditation is a great hack to access the serotonin hormone. So it is recommended to do at least 5-10 minutes of meditation every day.

Spend some time in nature

Walking in nature makes us feel good, this is because we release serotonin in our mind. In today’s world of pollution, you should try to take some time to walk in natural places like a nature park, villages, etc. Whenever you went out for vacations or traveling, try also to visit some nature dominant places and you will receive the benefits of serotonin.


Boy related endorphin happiness hormone and laughing
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Whenever you are in physical or emotional pain laughing makes you forget that pain is because we release endorphin which is made by pituitary gland. When someone eats his favorite food, drinks laughs, or perform sexual activities that person release endorphin in his mind.
Endorphin helps us to deal with the pain as well as stress, anxiety, and depressions.

Please note: after reading this don’t get carried away and start ill-mannered drinking, regular parting, and movies, this is because endorphin doesn’t react in case these things become habits or addiction.


Hugging couple released oxytocin happiness hormone
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This is also called the hormone of love which is secreted in the pituitary gland Whenever we do something kind, when we help someone, when someone praises us we feel happy and humble because we release oxytocin in our mind.

Oxytocin plays a vital role in happy relationships, trust from others, and good recognition.
Oxytocin is a great stress buster and also useful in reducing hypertension.
We can increase the amount of oxytocin by building a good relationship with optimistic people, having a pet, helping others, giving complement, and hugging.
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Group released dopamine
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This is the best hormone to increase your mental strength. Dopamine is present in hypothalamus gland and responsible for your happiness related to your motivational energy. Whenever you complete a task and celebrate your victories, you feel happy and motivated to work hard this is because you release dopamine at that moment.

You can hack your dopamine by setting goals (as tough as possible)
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Dopamine increases your self-confidence, motivation level, and personality

If you have fully read this article, make sure to try everything as much as possible to fill your life with happiness. If you like this information, please share it with your friends and feel free to comment below and give your opinions.
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