Follow Your Passion For Success [Do’s and Don’ts]

Follow Your Passion For Success [Do’s and Don’ts]

“The only way to do the great work is to do you what you love”
It’s a great point said by Steve Jobs and you indeed should follow your passion if you want to be successful in your life. In today’s world every great person, every successful person you heard or know is successful because he had followed his passion and his passion created his vision to change the world. People lose their wisdom and their vision because they don’t like what they do or what kind of job they do. In the previous article, we studied that if you don’t like what you do, you are losing yourself and if you lose yourself you will lose your vision of observing the energy inside you and what the world needs.

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In this article, we will study more concepts related to it

First and biggest reason you should follow your passion is

Ideas comes from feeling

The ability to feel is the greatest reason to follow your passion. When you are able to combine your creativity with your emotions you create your own world of ideas. If you want to be successful you must be a highly talented person that the world needs and appreciate. You can succeed in a field when you go through its ideas and enjoy immersing yourself in it and if you want to go through such heaven of ideas you must feel them more than knowing them.

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Such joy of ideas only comes when we follow our passion and if you don’t, you will only access your mind to just hear and know some ideas but not feeling them. If you do such a thing you will become a part of the crowd who is dependent on luck and has to keep facing problems every time and also if you don’t feel and enjoy these ideas, the only thing you do is mentally deteriorate yourself. So make sure you enjoy, whatever work you do.

But here we are not over, only following your passion will not make you successful in your life. Many people follow their passion but still, not everyone succeeds. This is because most people go through some stupid mentality. Here in this article, we will discuss them all.

People following there passion fails because of so many reasons, here are some of them which you should avoid

#1. Showing off too much to others

People fail to achieve because they show off, more than they work. Showing off too much drains your motivational energy and can even give you a fake feeling of motivation or overconfidence.

After failing they don’t even blame themselves and give stupid excuses and afterward disturb and demotivate others. So make sure you don’t become one of them like in every article I say “stay honest with yourself” so make sure you control yourself and stop showing off too much.

#2. Improver vision

People follow their passion and still fails because they have an improper vision, they follow many things blindly about their passion and sometimes create an improper path for their success.

People copy others instead of knowing which limits their vision and they fail to know the best path for them to chase, such kind of mentality exist in them because they don’t follow limitless thinking, they just expect success by taking a single path and that’s why they fail but if you want to be really successful make sure that your vision and plan is so good that you maximize your chances of success everyday.

#3. Being a part of the crowd

People follow their passion and fail because they don’t aim for the best they expect least, which takes their mentality away from greatness and makes their place in a crowd of only good not great.

In every area there are two types of talent catergories “Good and Great” if you choose to be a part of “Good” category, you will become a part of crowd but if you choose to be “Great” your talent will be recognized away from the crowd and greater you become more visibly you will be seen.

Remember in a forest full of tress, tallest tree have a special recognition. So if you want to be successful make sure you are not a part of the crowd and your talent fall in the group of greatness instead of goodness.

#4. Impatience and improper implementation

People follow their passion and fail because they learn everything impatiently and due to which they are unable to learn small things with depth and sometimes people don’t even implement their knowledge properly due to impatience which makes their knowledge incomplete and afterward they become a failure.

In the previous article, we discussed that impatience will cause more bad than good, impatience will make you stressed which can even decrease your motivation level. So if you want to be successful make sure you learn small things with proper implementation and patience.

#5. They don’t enjoy competition

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People follow their passion and fail because they are scared of competition and such cowardness doesn’t let them think limitless which suppresses their motivation. You can never give yourself better feedback than a competition so don’t be scared of it, try to control your fear so that you can bring out the great amount of motivation inside you.

If you really want to succeed by following your passion make sure that you are ready to face the toughest competition and if don’t feel like you are going to enjoy that competition you will become a part of the crowd.

#6. Self dishonesty

This is a great reason which I used to declare in my many articles. By declaring this point about this article I want to say “People actually don’t work hard”, Yes they say a lot of things but they will never accept their fault and blame someone else. Avoid such kinds of dishonest people or they will demotivate or misguided you.

Remember, the world needs something better than before and if you can give something better you will shine, and you can only grab real success when you understand such a competitive thing. So be strong, be smart, stay motivated, and all the very best of luck and success.


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