Elon Musk tests positive for COVID-19?

Elon Musk tests positive for COVID-19?

One of the most successful businessmen in the world Elon Musk, who is the CEO of Tesla, SpaceX, and PayPal has done four tests for COVID-19.
Out of the four tests, two of them stand positive and two stands negative and it is not clear whether he is infected by COVID-19 or not.
This is not clear whether he is Corona positive or not but this thing is creating so much pressure on the upcoming mission of SpaceX.
SpaceX was planning to send its astronauts to ISS (International Space Station) this weekend.
In the previous few days, Elon Musk stated that he has “mild sniffles”,” cough” and “mild fever”
He also tweeted that he is going to have a PCR test which is known to be more accurate.

Elon Musk mission plannings.

Meanwhile, Musk words are spreading through Twitter and it comes to be known that some astronauts are preparing to ride into space by SpaceX capsule by Kennedy Space Center in Florida.
According to CNN News NASA Chief Jim Bridenstine who was scheduled to conduct a routine press conference Friday morning, told reporters who asked about Musk’s tweets that, per NASA policies, Musk should be in quarantine and SpaceX would be attempting to determine who might have come into contact with Musk.
On Friday evening, there was another press conference, in which officials at Kennedy Space Center said that they had completed tracing and no one is found to be at risk of COVID-19.
NASA’s astronauts also claimed that deputy manager of flight operations Norm Knight, are almost certainly not at risk.
The space agencies have said that there should be no risk of sending a pandemic like COVID-19 to space because the virus can spread at a rapid rate in space.
NASA has taken strict measures for it.
For such security, astronauts are kept under “hard quarantine” which means they are totally isolated and are unable to be near anyone outside of the launch team, even their families.
Musk also said that he would not be allowed in NASA facilities that day.
Elon Musk said “it is a restricted access” it doesn’t matter if you are Elon Musk or Jim Bridenstine safety is always first and it’s a duty to protect the overall mission.
SpaceX’s head of human spaceflight programs, Benji Reed, said “We know that everybody’s very excited about the launch and very excited about recovery and human spaceflight in general,”
He also said “We certainly do ask that everybody’s who’s involved, If you come out to watch the launch…please wear your masks and follow social distancing guidelines. Do the right things there to keep everybody safe.”
The original launch date of the SpaceX capsule was Saturday evening but it is delayed due to unfavorable weather conditions.
Now launch date is said to be Sunday at 7:37 ET

Elon Musk test reports

Elon musk says there is no risk so dont use vaccine
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Elon Musk tweeted that all the tests he took were antigen tests that were conducted by the same nurse at the same faculty.
According to his late-night tweets, he was feeling extremely ill and has doubts about COVID-19.
He also shared a YouTube video that was removed for containing misinformation about the virus.
In a recent interview, he said he would not prefer to take the COVID vaccine when it becomes available and insisted that stay-at-home orders designed to prevent the virus’s spread did more harm than good.
In fact, medical professionals are well aware that rapid antigen tests can be inaccurate and generate false, negative, or, more rarely, false-positive results.

PCR tests, on the other hand, can take a day or more to return results but are far more accurate and that’s why he preferred PCR test.
PCR test requires complex laboratories and high specialization, due to which in previous days it was backlogged.
As per Musk’s tweet, he expects to receive test results Friday night.
He also noted he was not currently experiencing any symptoms.

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Info sources: CNN

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