Danzo Shimura: The Most Hated Character In Naruto [8 BIG REASONS]

Danzo Shimura: The Most Hated Character In Naruto [8 BIG REASONS]

Danzo Shimura, the leader of his own anbu foundation and one of the teammates of Hiruzen Sarutobi (Third Hokage) in the previous article we observed some of the most hated characters and we also know that Danzo Shimura was the most hated character in the entire Naruto series whose death was celebrated by almost every fan by replying the scene of sasuke savagely chasing him.

There are many reasons for his hate which we are going to know in this article. In the previous article, we also know that he was hated because of his super egotistic and arrogant nature, he was jealous of Hiruzen Sarutobi and when he became the Third Hokage it hurt his ego the most, and to satisfy his ego he used many kinds of conspiracy to become a Hokage and his such attitude cause 80% of negative impact over not only the hidden leaf but on the whole world.

Here we are going to have a more deep analysis of nuisances caused by him

Why Danzo was the most hated character?

#1. He was jealous of Hiruzen Sarutobi

Danzo with Hiruzen Sarutobi
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He always found a way to hide his insecurities from others. As said earlier, He was jealous of Hiruzen Sarutobi and always tried to put him down and that’s why he created so much nuisance. When Tobirama Senju (Second Hokage) declared him as the next Hokage he felt discomfort and started creating nuisances and after all, he was the cause of 80% of nuisances which was suffered by the whole world.

#2. He was responsible for the hatred between Itachi and Sasuke

Danzo: most hated character ordering itachi
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He was the one who ordered Itachi to slaughter up his own clan (Uchiha Clan) he believed more in violence, wars, and power. He never used to find a positive and non-violent or silent way to end up conflicts, he instead used to create conflicts that don’t even exist and that’s why he was responsible for the hatred between Itachi and Sasuke because Uchiha clan was trying to attack hidden leaf and that was even caused by Danzo because he tried to put Uchiha down and shifted them to that part of the village where they can not perform their police duty and that’s why Uchiha got angry and protested for their rights and that’s why Uchiha was trying to attack the hidden leaf village, Hiruzen was trying to find out a positive way to settle it but Danzo didn’t care he directed ordered and blackmailed Itachi to slaughter up Uchiha clan or he will kill him and his brother and because of Danzo, Itachi was considered a negative character in the beginning.

#3. He was responsible for Shisui’s suicide

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He was also responsible for the suicide of Shisui Uchiha, he stole Sharingan from Shisui because of the only reason that he was more powerful than him and he has the most powerful Sharingan with the ability to perform the most powerful Genjutsu “koto amatsukami” and because he was more powerful than him he stole his eye and Shisui committed suicide because he didn’t want Danzo to steal his other eye or he may do something bad for this world, so he gave his other eye to Itachi and fall off from the waterfall committing suicide. He was responsible for putting Itachi’s life in gloomy darkness and breaking his dream of being a Hokage.

#4. He trained Sai to be cold blooded

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Sai was firstly believed and observed as a negative character because he was working under Danzo’s foundation. He was acting so rude, abusive, and arrogant when he met Naruto at first this is because Danzo trained Sai to be rude, cold-blooded and also forced him to kill an only close friend, his brother ‘Shin’ and that’s why there was less teamwork when they were going on Tenchi bridge. However, after staying long with Naruto and their friends he started changing and develop positive qualities in him.

#5. He killed messenger toad

Danzo killed messenger toad
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After Jiraiya’s death, Naruto felt hurt and wanted to avenge his killer (Pain) for such purpose he went to Toad Mountain for sage training and suddenly Pain attacked the hidden leaf village and Naruto was needed the most.

At such time when Naruto was so much needed during pain’s attack Tsunade sent a messenger toad to call him back, but Danzo secretly killed that toad because he doesn’t want anyone to read that important message.

#6. He interfered in Kakashi Hokage ceremony

Danzo interfering in hokage ceremony
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When Tsunade was in a highly unconscious state after fighting Pain and distributing chakra it was believed that she may die and afterward, Kakashi was chosen as the Hokage, but Danzo feel abused and angry, he interrupted in between the meeting and cleverly made himself Hokage and after becoming Hokage he declared Sasuke a rouge ninja. However, after that, he didn’t stay so long as a Hokage and had to commit suicide.

#7. He was responsible for Akatsuki’s negative turn

Danzo with Hanzo
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Yahiko, Konan, and Nagato were war orphans in the third great ninja war, but due to Yahiko’s will they survived and learned Ninjutsu from Jiraiya, and after some progress, they started an organization for helping war orphans and it was a very successful organization which was named as Akatsuki. Danzo was jealous of Nagato, Yahiko, and Konan doing their charity work. He filled up Hanzo’s ears with nonsense talks and Hanzo (leader of the hidden rain village) has to kill Yahiko, which states that he was responsible for a negative turn of Akatsuki and at a very distant point we can also say he was responsible for Jiraiya’s death.

#8. He stole Sharingan eyes from dead Uchiha members

Danzo stole sharingan from dead uchihas
Source : Narutopedia

Danzo did his grossest and disgusting stuff ever by stealing sharingans from dead Uchiha members after ordering Itachi to slaughter the Uchiha clan and he attached those Sharingan eyes on his right arm and used them for his own benefits. As mentioned earlier he also stole one of shisui’s eyes and used it for his own selfishness.


Furthermore, He was also seen sharing some important information, with Orochimaru who was then a rogue ninja and desired to destroy Konoha. Many fans used to see Danzo’s death again and again Which is your reason to think he was most hated, Comment below.
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