boAt BassHeads 242 vs Realme buds 2 [PERSONALLY TESTED]

boAt BassHeads 242 vs Realme buds 2 [PERSONALLY TESTED]

boAt BassHeads 242 and Realme buds 2 are highly demanded earphones and both are very good in terms of quality. Some earphones are cheap and they provide sound which is not so enjoyable and very rough in quality, but these two products are good quality products and you will enjoy listening to music in both of them. But still, some things differentiate and you should know them before making your choice because you should fully ensure your satisfaction before spending money. This article will help you to differentiate both of these products and the link will also be provided so that you can make your decision and make your purchase easily.

boAt BassHeads 242 vs Realme buds 2

boAt BassHeads 242 vs Realme buds 2


boAt BassHeads 242 has a durable PVC cable and tangle-free and Realme buds 2 has a premium reinforced braided jacket on its cable with a strap to keep earphones tidy.
Realme buds 2 also have in-built magnets which are designed to store earphones easily.


boAt BassHeads 242 is IPX4 rated water and sweat resistant and such waterproofing is unknown in Realme buds 2.


Both are compatible with iOS, Android and all devices

Sound quality

boAt BassHeads 242 has deep bass HD Sound with 10mm Drivers and Realme Buds 2 has a deep and powerful bass too with 11.3mm drivers


Both of them have 3 button control with mic.


Let me tell you, I have purchased and used both the products and as per my preferences I found boAt BassHeads 242 better in terms of sound quality, it has more crispy and dynamic sound in comparison to realme buds 2. Realme buds 2 also sounds good but it has a very simple kind of sound which I enjoyed less.

The first time I purchase the both products, I was impressed by the comfortabilty of boAt BassHeads 242, they were the most comfortable earphones ever I have used. However with time you may get bore and may not experience the same thing.

So if you like loud music with better bass, I reccomend you to buy boAt BassHeads 242

boAt BassHeads 242 costs about Rs. 549/-
Buy it from here:

Realme buds 2 costs about Rs. 599/-
Buy it from here:


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