Best things about Dream 11 IPL 2020

Best things about Dream 11 IPL 2020

IPL 2020 has become a great hope of entertainment for all of us because everyone was bored living in quarantined life caused by COVID-19 and this season of IPL has played an extreme role in fulfilling this hope.
And here are some of the best things about IPL 2020 that made it more exciting

1. Dhoni’s end of the cricket journey
Dhoni is one of the most successful cricket stars we have ever seen, he is the one who had played a great role in India’s victory in ICC Cricket world cup 2011, and till now he is the only captain of the IPL team Chennai Super Kings as well captain of Rising Pune Supergiants in 2016.
But the saddest thing is this will the last IPL, as well as the end of the cricket journey for him and we won’t be able to see him playing on the cricket field anymore and fans are seeing him last time with their full hearts and trying to support him best.

2. No team should be underestimated
In previous seasons of IPL, many teams were an underestimation, and many times it was easy to predict the winner of a match but such a thing is not happening in this season and it’s difficult to predict a winner now because anything can happen.
And it’s a good thing which teaches a good lesson to not make your life dependent on luck.
Right now looks like every team has worked hard and they are playing with full energy and which is making this season worthy to be seen.
When one is weak and one is strong fight the fight could be boring but the real excitement is when both strong opponents are competing which is seen in this season.
This season is fully unpredictable

3. Royal Challengers Bangalore is seen in its real strength
In previous seasons of IPL 2020, Royal Challengers Bangalore was seen as less dominant in bowling as compared to batting which could be the cause that RCB has never won an IPL Cup and RCB was always trolled for this but now RCB is also seen as good in bowling and many people are predicting RCB as the winner of this season which is a happy sign for Virat Kohli the caption of team RCB as well as team India who has achieved a lot of fame in his cricket career but has never won an IPL Cup.

However, there is a worst thing which fans are disliking that Mahendra Singh Dhoni is taking retirement without giving best his end, we all hope that end of everything should be fine but such a sad ending for Dhoni’s career is disappointing many fans because even his team Chennai Super Kings which is one of the best and the most competitive team is now showing a downgrade in performance.
Even Sachin Tendulkar took retirement after giving India its victory in the ICC Cricket World cup as well as victory in IPL playing as a part of Mumbai Indians which is considered a happy ending.
But MS Dhoni is not considering a happy ending like this in his retirement which is not a good thing to be seen.

But still, it is not possible to predict anything which may happen in the future and till now IPL has completed more than 50% of its matches and we are getting close to playoffs and fans are waiting for the winner of this season’s Indian Premier League your favorite team may also win because still there is a chance that things may change its colour and anyone can win.
So keep watching and enjoying.


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