40+ Most Beautiful Anime Girls Who Will Bleed Your Nose

40+ Most Beautiful Anime Girls Who Will Bleed Your Nose

Japanese anime is very much known for its extraordinary animation and its characters especially beautiful anime girls that people got crushed upon.

Getting crushed on a real-life girl is normal but Japanese animation artists are so talented that they create such beautiful girls that people dreamt of dating them. In this article, we are going to have a glimpse of such beautiful anime girls that robbed people’s heart

Temari (Naruto)

Beautiful anime girl Temari
Source : PNGio

The toughest kunoichi in Naruto, Temari from Hidden sand village is a wind style user with a tough attitude. She is Gaara’s and Kankuro’s sister. She cared a lot about Gaara as a sister and wanted to be with him but she was stopped by her father.

She is pretty but her angry young woman attitude and deep voice make her scary. She is Shikamaru’s wife and Shikadai’s mother. Here are some of her beautiful images on internet

Tsunade (Naruto)

Beautiful anime girl Tsunade
Source : Quora

The fifth and the most beautiful Hokage of the Konohagakure and the best medical kunoichi. Tsunade Senju is one of the three legendary sanin, granddaughter of Hashirama Senju, Sakura’s mentor, Ero Senin’s love and owner of the biggest breasts one has ever seen.

Master Jiraiya’s legendary estimation of 106cm can never be forgotten by any Naruto fan. We should not forget that she is not so young as she looks but none of us gives a damn about it. Whenever we look at her, Jiraiya inside us always helps in appreciating her beauty. Here are some of her most beautiful pictures on internet.

Mei Terumi (Naruto)

Beautiful anime girl Mei Terumi
Source : Reddit

The fifth mizukage of the hidden mist village and the most sizzling and ravishing beauty of the whole Naruto series. Everything from her hairstyle to her clothes is just gourmet. Her eyes, her voice, her lips, her legs everything is a perfect ingredient for a cake like her.

Almost every Naruto fan has dreamed of dating her once. Apart from her sizzling beauty and sexy appearance, she is very strong who’s kekkai tota is lava release and boil. No wonder a hottie like her can shoot lava from her mouth and this might be the same reason that she is not getting married.

She is a very kind human but she don’t like someone speaking marriage related words in front of her. Here are some of her most beautiful pictures on internet

Ino (Naruto)

Beautiful Anime Girl Ino
Source : AminoApps

Ino Yamanaka is one of the female protagonists of the Naruto Series. She is one of the heiresses of Ino Shika Cho, Sai’s wife, Inojin’s loving mother, a former member of team 9. She is always concerned about her looks.

She is the sensory type and medical kunoichi. She is a childhood friend and rival of Sakura and once shared the same crush. Her hairstyle makes her look really gorgeous. Here are some of her most beautiful pictures on internet

Sakura (Naruto)

Beautiful anime girl sakura
Source : shipping wiki

The leading female protagonist of the whole Naruto series, Sakura Haruno is one of the medical kunoichis of team 7. She is the protege of Tsunade Senju and just like her she has got a monstrous strength and mark of hundred healing.

She was the crush of many ninjas including Naruto and Rock Lee but she always loved Sasuke which was fine, the way she behaved make her annoying. Apart from all this, her pink hair complimented her looks. As rival Ino often taunts her for having a flat chest which was very funny. She is Sasuke’s wife and Sarada’s loving mother. Here are some of her most beautiful pictures on internet

Hinata (Naruto)

Beautiful anime girl Hinata
Source : Naruto bleach

The cutest female supporting character is also the Hyuga clan’s princess. Hinata Hyuga is one of the most loved Naruto characters. The reason is for being so loving is her innocence, kindness, her caring attitude for everyone especially Naruto and her sweet voice saying “Na-Naruto Kun”.

Hinata is the best example of a wife that everyone wants. Every fan celebrated when Naruto and Hinata got married. She is a girl that Naruto truly deserve as his partner. She was also Boruto’s and Himawari’s loving mother. The incident where Sakura gets jealous of Hinata’s breasts was one of the funniest incidents ever. Here are some of her cutest images on internet.

Kurenai (Naruto)

Beautiful anime girl kurenai
Source : comicbook.com

She is a leading female protagonist of the series and Team 8’s Sensei. She is specialized in genjutsu.

Her red eyes and black curly hair are what makes her really beautiful. She is Asuma’s wife and Mirai’s mother. Here are some of her most beautiful photos on internet.

Kushina (Naruto)

Beautiful anime girl kushina
Source : comicbook.com

Kushina Uzumaki is one of the female protagonists in the Naruto series. She was very beautiful and pretty because of her long red hair but when she becomes angry, she becomes even scarier than Kurama.

She was Minato’s wife and due to her caring and loving nature, she could have been the best mother in Naruto series. It was so painful to watch both Kushina and Minato die saving Naruto and Hidden leaf village. I really wished they kept Kushina alive so Naruto would experience his first love.

Rias (High School DxD)

Beautiful anime girl rias
Source : pinterest

The leading lady of the harem anime High School DxD Rias Gremory is a devil and one of the hottest devil that you are going to look at. She is the second heiress of the Gremory family who is a high school student and President of the occult research club. The things that make her so attractive are her hair, her eyes and of course her breasts. Here are some of her most beautiful photos on internet.

Akeno (High School DxD)

Source : Pinterest

She is the second female protagonist of High School DxD and the best friend of Rias and probably one of the best waifu. Just like Rias, she is a devil as well but she is the daughter of the fallen angel. Apart from her eyes and breast size, her sadistic nature makes her one of the sexist waifu in the anime world. Here are some of her most beautiful pictures on internet.

Irina (High School DxD)

Beautiful anime girl Irina
Source : Fandom

She is one of the female protagonists of DxD and a childhood friend of Issei Hyoudou. She is a former human turned angle and a high school student as well.

Since she is also in High School DxD so creators have made special attention to her breast size, apart from that, her hairstyle makes her look really cute and she is even more beautiful when she wears her black angle uniform.

Xenovia (High School DxD)

Source : Pinterest

Former angel turned devil Xenovia is a natural holy sword user and a high school student who is always asking Issei to make a baby with her. Like every High School DxD girl, her bust size is also given special attention by creators but apart from that her blue hair and olive green eyes make her really beautiful and attractive.

Asia Argento (High School DxD)

Beautiful anime girl asia
Source : DeviantArt

One of the female protagonist of High School DxD. Asia is a former nun later turned devil. She is a high school student who is very cute, little, innocent, kind but sometimes her love for Issei makes her a little bit annoying. Her blonde hair and green eyes make her one of the most attractive girls in the anime world.

Rossweisse (High School DxD)

Beautiful anime girls Rossweisse
Source : pinterest

She is a former bodyguard of Odin who turned devil, Rossweisse is one of the female protagonists of High School DxD and a civics teacher in high school. She is often seen depressed on the fact that she never had a boyfriend despite her gentle nature and beauty.

Just like every High School DxD girl she has got an amazing pair of ……… you know what I mean. She is always on guard of Issei perverted acts and is ready to attempt to put a stop to his dirty perverted acts.

Bulma (Dragon Ball Z)

Beautiful anime girls Bulma
Source : empty lighthouse magazine

Bulma is the most famous anime girl who was probably the crush of every 90’s weeb. She is the female protagonist of the dragon ball series who was also a scientist. She is Vegeta’s wife and loving mother of trunks and bulla. This blue-haired beauty is always concerned about her face and she is also the ex-girlfriend of the so-called strongest fighter Yamcha.

Android 18 (Dragon Ball Z)

Beautiful anime girl Android 18
Source : CBR

Initially engineered to destroy the world along with her brother 17, Android 18 is the best blonde beauty and one of the strongest characters in Dragon ball. She later turns positive and joins hands with Z fighters. She has got the raspiest voice ever to be heard. Android 18 is Krillin’s wife and loving mother of Marron.

Launch (Dragon Ball)

Launch Dragon Ball (Beautiful Anime Girls)
Source : MyAnimeList

Mostly seen in dragon ball launch is a beautiful female character who has a split personality disorder every time she sneezes. Usually, she is innocent and very helpful to Krillin and Goku but when she sneezes she turned into a woman who is ready to fight and is very badass and violent.

Tomoko Nomura (Great Teacher Onizuka)

Tomoko Nomura GTO

She is one of the cutest waifu and supporting characters in GTO. She is a junior high school girl who is very beautiful, pure-hearted, clumsy but often being bullied, mocked by her classmates and regarded as worthless.

Her acting talent is recognised by Onizuka and he helps her become successful in that field. Tomoko’s large breasts are given lil bit more attention but it is rather in funny incidents. She reminds me of a K-Pop idol named Nancy McDonie.

Nao kadena (Great Teacher Onizuka)

Beautiful anime girls Nao Kadena
Source : animeperson.com

She is a nurse in GTO in the infermony of holy forest academy. She is so stacked and beautiful that students often skip classes to spend time with her. She is a former car racer often regarded as the queen of the streets who later works at a night club to earn money so she could pay for the surgery of her brother.

Hotaru (Naruto Shippuden)

Beautiful anime girl Hotaru
Source : fandom

Hotaru isn’t the one of the leading characters but she comes in the Anime for a few episodes with Utakata. Just because she isn’t among the leading ladies doesn’t mean she is going to be in the list her hairstyle is very unique her eyes are very deep her body shape is so perfect. She very much looks like an Indian actress named Tamanna Bhatia

Hanare (Naruto)

Source : pinterest

Hanare was a kunoichi from Jōmae village came to konoha as a spy. She appeared in a filler episode where it was shown she and Kakashi had met in their childhood. She is also known as Kakashi secret girlfriend Hanare is one of the underrated Naruto beauties, the mole beneath her right eye was just as cherry on cake I don’t understand why no one mentions her.

Rin Nohara (Naruto Shippuden)

Source : Wallpaper Keren

Rin was a member of team Minato and a chunin from konoha and love interest of Obito. The Purple stripes on her face are symbol of Nohara Clan. She was a medical kunoichi who always cared about her loved ones. She was forcibly turned into the jinchuriki of Isobu.

Kaguya (Naruto Shippuden)

Source : Narutopedia

Kaguya the final boss of Naruto shippuden and the alien responsible for Ninshu. Kaguya Otsutsuki is the one responsible for every manipulation and wrong things done but that is different thing, we cannot deny her beauty based on the fact that she is a criminal as a matter of fact her beauty is the root cause behind beginning of whole Ninja race. Despite being so beautiful she is one of those Evil narcisstic mother that everyone wants to get rid of.

Misa amane (Death Note)

Source : CBR

Misa amane is a fictional character from Death Note who is a model and former owner of rem’s Death Note. She has blonde hair, her innocence and simple mindedness makes are really cute.

She is madly in love with Light Yagami and is willing to do anything for him. Light has always exploited her love for him and has manipulated her for his own deeds. Misa later commits suicide after Light dies.

Saeko Busujima (Highschool of the Dead)

Source : aminoapps

Saeko Busujima is a high school student at fujimi. She is very reliable as a fighter and has insane combat skills. She was also the captain of kendo club before apocalypse. Her shiny thigh length and purple hair are very eye catchy. The way her hair cover her right eye is very revishing. Her lips are her another beauty weapon.

She is very calm composed and very loving and caring as a person but her sadistic nature while fighting makes her a little scary when she fought for self defence but later on she realised she enjoyed causing pain.

Revy (Black Lagoon)

Beautiful anime girl Revy

Revy or Rebecca lee is the female protagonist of the series black Lagoon who is John really Badass tough and Nihilistic person. She does most of the fighting for Lagoon company and she loves kicking ass. She is often very harsh on people but she is not a bad person. Her hairstyle makes her really beautiful.

Anko (Naruto)

Source : Fandom

Anko one of the supporting characters of series who came in as supervisor of the chunin exams. Anko is a jonin level kunoichi who was once Orochimaru student. She is shown very pretty in Naruto series.

Hanabi (Boruto)

Source : DeviantArt

Hanabi, the second heiress of hyuga clan and younger sister of Hinata is a kunoichi from Konohagakure. She is boruto’s and Himawari maternal aunt and she is very pretty and probably she is the literal meaning of gorgeous her face is very perfect she is one of the best waifu in my opinion.

Mabui (Naruto Shippuden)

Source : pinterest

Mabui from hidden cloud village is Raikage’s assistant. She is among the insanely underrated Anime beauties. Weebs don’t mention her when they talk about waifu. According to me she should be included more often in the discussion

Samui (Naruto Shippuden)

Source : pinterest

Samui, she is a Kunoichi from hidden cloud village who minds her own business. She is a little cold hearted. She and tsunade have something in common that’s the only reason she is included

Kozue Matsumoto (Baki)

Source : theBluntdespair

Kozue Matsumoto, the female protagonist of the Netflix original series Baki causeway is the daughter of Baki’s landlady. She is Baki’s girlfriend and his schoolmate she is so beautiful that even Mh. Alai Junior fell for her. We should give her some credit for making Baki stronger after they got sexually involved and the scene was depicted in such a beautiful way that it didn’t seem even dirty.

Urd (Oh My Goddess)

Source : HipWallpaper

Urd is a fictional character from the manga and anime series Oh my goddess who likes teasing the protagonist. Her character is inspired by Norse mythology. This brown beauty has one of the most erotic clothes, especially the way it shows her chest. She is very passionate about everything she does, she cares for her loved ones and is willing to go to any extent to protect them.

Izumi Uchiha (Naruto)

Source : fandom

Izumi Uchiha a Kunoichi from the elite Uchiha clan from hidden leaf Izuni isn’t given much of a screen appearance but enough to make her appreciate her looks. According to Manga Itachi puts her under a genjutsu where she marries him and have children as well and lives happily right before he killed her.

Konan (Naruto Shippuden)

Source : CBR

The first time I saw her, the first thing that came to my mind was I want a big sister like her. Konan was a Kunoichi from hidden rain village and trained by Jiraiya along with Nagato and Yahiko she was supporting the leader of the second-gen Akatsuki and she was a paper style user. She was very gentle as a human being always care about her friends.

Chōchō (Boruto)

Source : Pinterest

Chōchō is daughter of Choji and one of the heiress of Ino Shika Cho is now shown very beautiful she has inherited her eating habits from her dad and this brown beauty is hilarious as well.

Maron (Dragon Ball Z)

Source : aminoapps

Maron is revealed as Krillin’s girlfriend during Garli Jr. She has blue hair like Bulma and pretty much everyone has a crush on her. Master Roshi’s nose bleed while watching her was really funny. People wonder why he named his daughter after her she doesn’t get much screen appearance in the series.

Venelana Gremory (High School DxD)

Source : Pinterest

Venelana Gremory, the current lady of gremory family Venelana Gremory is the factory where product like Rias Gremory got manufactured in simple words she is Rias loving mother. Her hairstyle is exactly like Rias but the colour is brown she is very beautiful even Issei fell for her but later control his feelings and hormones after knowing the truth. These guys are actually too nice and good looking for a devil.

Chun Li (Street Fighter 2v)

Now for all those who are thinking this is all about anime so why a video game character in there so let me tell you Street Fighter has an anime series as well by the name please check out now. Now let’s talk about Chun li. She is a Chinese fighter who has very good kicks and fighting skills she is very cute as a girl who is in love with Ryu.

Mai (Dragon Ball Z)

Source : aminoapps

She is mostly seen with Pilaf who is always goofy. Mai earlier a member of the last gang who later join hands with rest Z members. Mai is very beautiful and is also trunks rumoured girlfriend she is mostly seen with a large which is always funny but the future Mai appearance is rather serious.

Yūgao Uzuki (Naruto Shippuden)

Source : pinterest

She is the member of Anbu and Kenjutsu user. She was the lover of Hayate who was killed by Baki. Yūgao’s purple hair are really attractive I wonder why they didn’t showed her much in the series.

Honourable Mentions

At conclusion, here are some honourably mentioned prettiest anime girl characters with most beautiful images in the internet.

Erza Scarlet (fairy tail)

Akame (Akame ga kill)

Esdeath (Akame ga kill)

Erina Nakiri (food wars)

Rangiku Matsumoto (Bleach)

Yasaka (High School DxD)

Kuroka (High School DxD)

Comment down your favorite.

If you want your favorite anime girl to be added in the list. Contact us by mentioning her name, anime series and a short suitable description. If found suitable it will be added in the article and don’t forget to give your identical details if you want to be mentioned. If you are a blogger looking for backlinks don’t forget to send a suitable link.

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