In our daily life, we meet different kinds of people. Some give us good morals and some take away our energy, In most cases, you can believe that such people who drain your energy are over smart because believing that if you can’t achieve a thing then no one can is a great sign of over smartness.

Such kinds of people are called negative and staying with them can be toxic for you and you should avoid them as much as possible. But sometimes these people become so good at and play the role of the real intellectual person, that many people fail to recognize their real character and fall into their contaminated trap, due to which you can suffer later.

So before trusting anyone, notice the following signs of negative people in a person, and if even one of these point match with him, that person can be taken under suspicion of being over smart and negative.

#1. They judge based on their likes and dislikes instead of what is good or bad.

Over smart people have a big problem, they highly praise those who match their interests and foolishly believe that this person is wise, just because their interests matched. On the other hand, they criticize when the other person doesn’t like the same thing. They also believe that what they hate is bad for others.

For example, if you like action movies but some other person doesn’t he will criticize you by saying, you are negative, you are stupid, you are hostile, etc. A real open-minded people know that in this world everybody has different kinds of interests and everybody is not the same and they don’t have any problem if interests of them didn’t match, but over smart people are very much egotistic about their interests and that’s why they behave like this. If you notice such people, get suspicious that he or she is not worthy of your trust.

#2. They have a problem with disagreement

Everyone is facing a different situation in life, human beings are not perfect, we can’t live our life fulfilling every opinion we hear, different people have different ways of doing things. Over smart people feel offended when someone disagrees with their opinion and they even blame those as egoistic, arrogant, negative, etc who disagrees with them.

On the other side, a smart and mature person knows that his work is to suggest or give advice, he also knows that advising doesn’t mean to be must follow thing, advising means to just give a suggestion and letting someone go through his choice, smart people know that his work is to satisfy someone when advising, but over smart people only care about their ego to show themself smart and that’s why they pressurize others.

Remember some things are good to follow and some things are bad to follow, a mature person will teach you if you are doing something bad but just because it is good to follow doesn’t mean to be a must followed every time, humans are imperfect and sometimes it is ok to not follow a path depending on what is happening in your life, but over smart people have problem with this.

#3. They have a problem with…. Why?

Over smart people are those who are actually not so smart but they want to show themselves as smart and they want everyone to believe that they are smart and if someone doesn’t believe that, they feel offended.

Over smart people satisfies their ego by giving more and more moral lectures to do this, follow this, etc but if someone asks “why?” they feel that they are not believed as smart in that surroundings and they feel offended, on the other hand, they themselves don’t know the answer to your “why?” they just blindly go through everything without any intention to learn but with an intention to show.

On the other side, really smart and mature people always make sure that you are fully satisfied with the opinion they are giving you and they explain everything to you clearly until you get what they want to say? and they clearly explain the “why?” with some valid and admirable viewpoints.

Real smart people are the ones who really have some knowledge more than they show whereas over smart people are those who show less than they know and that’s why you should not follow everything blindly or you will become more similar to them and ruin up your life.

#4. They contradict very much with their words and actions

Whenever you are sitting and talking with someone observe his every word and try to memorize it, whenever stuck in an argument over smart people used to contradict the previous words they say.

here is a clear example of it

contradiction of his own opinion
source: me.me

Also, they talk big but don’t act so much big, they talk big only for show-off purposes but their actions contradict with those words and that’s why they are not worthy to be trusted because nobody knows when they will contradict.

saying big words and doing nothing

The above points also signify that such people can be selfish and they will give you lessons according to their selfish motive more than the motive to instruct, so better not to trust them and work your way up and try to avoid them as much as possible. In the upcoming articles, we will analyze more such facts, so stay updated with us.
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