Love is one of the best feeling we experience in our life, not only this, many successful and great personalities and celebrities have given their success credit to their loved ones. Is it really possible?

Many spiritual leaders have said love is the greatest medicine and therapy for everything. Do you believe it? or not? keep reading the article till end

Many people define true love as a long-lasting relationship, which is true but this is less than half of the knowledge.

Love is not only about romantic relationships, it can also be love of your parents, your friends, your idols etc.
In this article, we will not only discuss love about relationships of the opposite genders but love at the side of every relationship.
Here are some interesting facts about love.

Love is spiritual

Love is defined by many subjects and areas and every subject has defined it in a different path like psychology defines love is the combination of intimacy, compassion, and commitment, Philosophy defines love as a desire for beauty.

But above all spirituality has the greatest and deepest meaning of love. Spirituality said not every attachment is love in this article we will study how. According to Bhagwad Geeta, Love is something that leads you to progress and promotes your overall positivity. Here are the following facts related to it

Love gives you strength

The great manga artist Masashi Kishimoto in his greatest creation Naruto said “If you have someone precious in your life, that person will give you the strength that is hidden inside you.” Yes, it is true, love gives you strength, once you are committed to protecting your loved ones and make them feel secure ones you will feel a tremendous amount of strength and inspiration which will make you progressive.

Thomas Edison’s mother’s love gave him strength for what he is today. Stop believing myths that love makes you weak because there is no guarantee that people who don’t have emotions are strong, they become weak many times too.

The fact is, it’s true that emotionally strong people sometimes become weak, but those who are emotionally weak are very much weaker than then them. But those people who make you feel weak ( just like any relationship with the pessimist ) can be an attachment but not love.

Love inspires you

As mentioned earlier love gives you the strength to perform miracles. Although it is the greatest medicine that heals your broken morals and in turn diagnoses you with a high amount of motivation. No matter how weak you are, no matter how mentally dull you are, if you have a blessing of true love, you will surely healed as well as inspired and motivated.

Thomas Edison was a highly mentally dull person, he was criticized by his school teachers and many people but he was bound by the true love of his mother which inspired him and give him so much strength that today he is one of the most inspiring and respected personality who is even respected after his death.

People who make you feel demoralized can not be said that they love you. Yes, love has a fear of losing but true one is not overprotective and discouraged will not make you mentally weak, In simple words, “those who love you will protect you, but they will also ensure that they you are strong, they will not overprotect you and make you feel anxious”.

Love makes you satisfied

Due to the above reasons, true love has no limits, and with such attachment that upgrades you so much, you will never be able to forget it and you will feel satisfied and no regrets about it, a life full of love is a life full of progress, happiness, understanding, trust, and positive energy.

Love is away from greed, selfishness, arrogance, ego, and other negativity. True love will never be a cause of your loss, unhappiness, demotivation, and depression, in fact, love will heal you from such negativity.

Love is natural

Love is not what you are compelled to do to with others, love is something that happens naturally. Today many people are wasting their time by chasing other people, pleasing them to love and stay with them, one of the reason is getting peer pressured, people think everybody has a ladylove and I am still single so I should look for someone too, if you do such thing you will only find someone who treats you like a horse of a cart and can leave you anytime when that person is bored of you.

Such type of attachment is not only useless but also destructive for you. Such type of attachments can never be called as love

If you do such a thing you will end up losing yourself and it will be your mistake and foolishness don’t blame others including that girl for such imbecility because you have yourself chosen a fake relationship.
Here is the most important thing to follow

Self-love is utmost important

Self love
source: freepik.com

Self-love is the most important part of our life, without self-love life has no meaning because you will never be able to see the beautiful side of life and never be able to receive positive energy, if you don’t love yourself you don’t know yourself and in the previous article we learned Discover yourself or you will have to depend over those who don’t know themselves, and you will be like an empty boat sailing in the sea without sailor and going wherever waves take you, and if you love yourself your boat will have a sailor and you will be able to see what is good or bad for you.

Those people who care too much about society are the ones who don’t love themselves and that’s why are mostly seen as sad and such people spread negativity and might have also disturbed you and the main thing to learn is “if you can’t love yourself, you can never love anyone” just like an impoverished person can not help to sort out financial problems of someone, a person who doesn’t love himself can’t love anyone and don’t trust anybody who is doesn’t love himself and saying that he loves you.

Please note if my starting words of the subtopic “love is natural” match with you, you can be the one who doesn’t love himself. So better start living for yourself first as well as loving yourself first and stay happy and motivated on your own, so you don’t need any external love, then only you there is a chance and you may be able to attract true love for you.

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