16 Most Hated Characters In Naruto and Naruto Shippuden

16 Most Hated Characters In Naruto and Naruto Shippuden

Naruto and Naruto Shippuden are two of the most famous and top-rated anime in the world. Naruto is highly loved because of the inspiration and emotions the audience received after watching it.

In every such inspirational story, there is a hero who inspires others by accomplishing something great like Naruto in the series, also there is someone who supports him and teaches him the greatest lessons that made him a great hero like Tsunade, Jiraiya, Kakashi.

But most unlikely there is a negative character who is a cause of all the disturbance like Danzo in the series. In this article, we are going to have a rank wise glimpse of the most hated characters in Naruto and the reason for their hate.

#16. Fugaku

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Fugaku Uchiha was father of Sasuke Uchiha and Itachi Uchiha as well as the leader of the Uchiha clan and its police force.

Reason for hate

He was hated because he never admired his younger son ‘Sasuke’ and compared him with his older brother ‘Itachi’ every time, another reason for his hate was he was trying to assault hidden leaf village with his clan after the massacre caused by the nine-tailed fox.

#15. Sakura

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Sakura Haruno was the leading female character in the series. She was naruto’s crush as well as his squad member of the team Kakashi.

Reason for hate

She was hated because of her arrogance towards her beauty and trying to compete with Ino every time. She was seen maximum times beating Naruto and rudely treating him. However, she was also a little bit admired because she also cared about naruto as well as others with her medical ninjutsu.

#14. Rasa

Source : Narutopedia

Rasa was the fourth kazekage of the hidden sand village and father of Gaara.

Reason for hate

Rasa think Gaara as disgusting and wanted to kill him, he made him full of hatred and sealed Shukaku (One-tailed beast) inside him and this was the reason of why Gaara was seen as a negative character at first.

#13. Kaguya

Source : Fandom

Kaguya Otsutsuki was the mother of Haguromo Otsutsuki (Sage of six paths) and founder of chakra energy in the world. Kaguya was the strongest character in Naruto Shippuden.

Reason for hate

She was hated because she turned villagers into White Zetsu for her own benefits and one of them was Haguromo’s love, she wanted to stop the spread of chakra and wanted to kill her sons because they were stopping her from her purpose.

#12. White Zetsu

white zetsu in 4th great ninja war
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Zetsu is one of the members of Akatsuki, White Zetsu was actually made by Kaguya but later on used by Madara for war.

Reason for hate

He with Black Zetsu was spying on many things, White Zetsu has a great ability to copy chakra and it is almost impossible to differentiate the real one and the imposter, this ability made him a great burden on 4th great ninja war.

#11. Black Zetsu

black zetsu
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Black Zetsu is another part of Zetsu, who was a member of Akatsuki. Kaguya gave birth to Black Zetsu for her own revival purpose.

Reason for hate

Black Zetsu was hated because he revived Kaguya after the launch of Tsukuyomi in the fourth great ninja war, and due to his such activity whole world suffered the danger of it. He was also hated because he controlled Obito’s body and gave his rinnegan to Madara Uchiha.

#10. Kisame

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Kisame hoshigaki from hidden mist village, also known as the tailless tailed beast was one of the members of Akatsuki, who was seen carrying the samehada sword.

Reason for hate

He was hated because he is one of the evil members of Akatsuki, he tried to kill Naruto, Killer Bee, Might Guy and his team, and many other characters. He also tried to spy alliances when killer bee got his samehada.

#9. Deidara

source : fandom

Deidara from the hidden stone village and one of the members of Akatsuki, who uses his detonating clay to blow up anything he wants.

Reason for hate

He was hated because he was a member of Akatsuki and his task was to capture Gaara (jinchuriki of one tailed beast) which he did, it caused trouble in the hidden sand village. Also when Gaara died, he took him away because he wanted to capture Naruto.

#8. Sasori

Source : fandom

Sasori, a puppet master ninja from the hidden sand village and one of the members of Akatsuki.

Reason for hate

He was hated because he poisoned Kankuro and nearly killed him, he also nearly killed Sakura and lady chio. He was accompanied by Deidara when capturing Gaara.

#7. Hidan

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Hidan was also a member of Akatsuki, he was immortal and can perform the ritual in which he can kill others by tasting their blood and hurting himself.

Reason for hate

He was hated because he killed Asuma and as a member of Akatsuki he was looking for Naruto to kill and other jinchurikis as well

#6. Kakuzu

Source : fandom

Kakuzu was Hidan’s teammate in Akatsuki. He has the ability to steal someone’s heart and transplanting in himself. He was carrying five hearts when battling with Naruto and his team.

Reason for hate

He was helping Hidan during a battle between the team Asuma and them, team Asuma cut down Hidan’s head successfully but Kakuzu stiched it again. Kakuzu also tried to steal Kakashi’s heart but he was saved because of Shikamaru.

#5. Orochimaru

Source : Narutopedia

Orochimaru was one of the subordinates of Hiruzen Sarutobi (Third Hokage) and one of the legendary Sanin of the hidden leaf village.

Reasons for hate

He was hated because of his negative ambitions against the hidden leaf, he tried to interfere in chunin exams and disturbed chunin exams as well.

He reanimated the first and the second Hokage and used them against his own mentor. He was thirsty for power even in a forbidden manner, he also tried to steal Sharingan from Itachi and also tried to use Sasuke’s body for it.

#4. Kabuto

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Kabuto Yakushi was serving Orochimaru and his negative deeds.

Reason for hate

He was hated because he was a traitor to Naruto and his team after helping them in the chunin exams, later on, he also tried to kill Naruto and Tsunade as well.

In the fourth great ninja war, he became a huge burden on the alliances as he reanimated many of the legendary past members including seven swordsmen of the hidden mist, Kage of the past, and even Madara Uchiha.

#3. Mitokado Homura

mitokadi homura
Source : Narutopedia

There were two advisors in the hidden leaf village, Mitokado Homura was one of them

Reason for hate

He was hated because he interfered in Tsunade’s job and giving advice that promotes fear to Naruto and hidden leaf village. Mitokado and Utatane were in support of Danzo to be Hokage.

#2. Utatane Koharu

utatane koharu
Source : Narutopedia

She was the second advisor of the hidden leaf village and was a past member of Tobirama’s team with Mitokado, Danzo and hiruzen included.

Reason for hate

She was hated because of the same reason, along with Mitokado she tried to suppress Naruto when he is highly required during Pain’s attack, and they both always used to give advice which can decrease the self-esteem of Konoha.

#1. Danzo

most hated characters in naruto "danzo is the biggest"
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Danzo Shimura, the most hated character in the Naruto series whose death is celebrated by almost every fan by replying the scene of sasuke savagely chasing him. However, he was sadly still shown in the Gap fillers and flashbacks which is a bit disliked by everyone.

Reason for hate

He was hated because of his super egotistic attitude and illogical interference during the utmost important conditions.
There is a huge list of reasons for his hate like Itachi’s and Sasuke’s hate, Shisui’s death, Akatsuki’s Negative turn.

You can read out this article for all the reasons for his hate

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