12 Signs You’re Losing Yourself

12 Signs You’re Losing Yourself

Finding yourself is the most important requirement for a life. If you don’t know yourself you can never experience the real beauty of your life. As deeply you understand yourself, your life becomes more and more beautiful because if you know yourself you will be able to absorb more and more positivity inside the real you but, if you don’t know yourself then you can’t understand what is good and what is bad for you and you will never be able to feel the real pleasure of positive vibes.

So finding yourself is the most important thing to make your life beautiful but, how do we know ourselves, aren’t we are losing ourselves? the point is, to understand yourself, you need to understand the most basic key point of losing yourself which is “getting controlled by ego and fear” In Simple terms, if you master your ego and fear you will found yourself but if you got mastered by ego and fear, you lose yourself.

Keeping these things in mind, you know that you have to control your ego and fear, so that, you can have access to a vision thay can see the beautiful things. Here are some points that can help you. Keep in mind, if you want to be a master of yourself you need to observe your intentions regularly and check the following traits, if any of the trait matches with your intentions it means you need to control yourself and improve on them so you can start discovering yourself.

#1. Your spend maximum amount of a day without a smile

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Observe yourself, are you happy at the moment, when did you smile last time? If you spend maximum time with a smile and happiness, it means you are enjoying your life and you believe that your life is beautiful but, if you don’t spend your maximum time with a smile on your face it means that you are weak. Remember, happiness is the most basic emotion of life, and if you stop smiling you will attract more negative traits.

Some people believe that they will be happy after being successful, it’s wrong, happiness has no requirement we all have it inside us. If you are not happy in the present moment you can never become happy even after success.

At the present moment, if you don’t solve your problems with a smile you can never become happy, problems are a part of life and there is no fun to avoid problems, if you are solving problems you are doing what you are meant to do in your life, so, be proud of it and smile.

#2. You don’t value your happiness

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If you don’t care about how happy you are and you don’t value your happiness at the moment you are losing yourself. Fools are the ones who sacrifice their happiness too easily and many times without any reason or small reasons, they are conflict makers and they are the contaminators of a healthy and happy environment every time.

The thing is they just need to sacrifice their ego and make the environment happy again, but they don’t, because they are mentally weak and moreover dishonest with themselves. On the other hand, mature people are the ones who understand that happiness is very important for a healthy atmosphere and positive vibes, and that’s why they feel good and make others feel good too. Such kind of mature people are always successful to find their happiness because they value it and they find happiness on their own they are ready to sacrifice their ego when it is important and they maintain a healthy and peaceful atmosphere.

So if you want to discover yourself, understand the importance of a healthy environment because sometimes there is no need for an argument or conflict, try to observe such situations, and act wisely.

#3. You overreact

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Anger and arrogance is not required everytime, sometimes things get easily settled with relaxed behavior, before getting egotistic you should try to find a positive and peaceful way to settle up the atmosphere, if you don’t, many times you will get angry when not required you are overreacting and you let your ego control you. In this process, you are feeding your ego because you intend to put others down and such kind of egotistic intention will make you lose yourself.

Sometimes it is better to let it go because there is no fun in sacrificing your energy when there is no advantage of it.
example: Someone broke a vase accidentally, remember, overreacting will not repair it back at that time let it go and try to find a positive solution. This world is imperfect and no matter how hard you try everybody does mistakes in his life and will keep doing them throughout their life.

If you learn how to properly and wisely react to different situations with proper intentions you discover yourself.

#4. You lie to yourself

If you lie to others for a reason, it is ok, but if you lie to yourself you are losing yourself. You might have seen such people who talk big but don’t act accordingly if you ask such people why they behave like this they will not only make excuses with you but also with themselves.

Like said earlier, many people have an option to become happy but their ego won’t let them because they have self excuses and such stupid excuses makers are the ones who lie to themselves. Another kind of people who never blame themselves for the nuisance created by them and blame others for their mistake are the ones who lie themselves.

So learn to take credit for your mistakes and learn from them and understand what is most important and good for you as well as your environment and never lie to yourself because if you do, you will never be able to understand what is good and bad for you.

#5. You follow many things blindly

You are losing yourself if you don’t know the reason for any action you are going to take. Every action you take there should be the reason behind it because that’s what makes your actions meaningful and likewise said earlier if you lie to yourself you will never be able to justify your actions. So take every action with positive intention and never take any action if you don’t know the reason because

So, what action you take always think about it wisely first and then take suitable actions.

#6. You are narrow minded

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You will lose yourself if you limit your mindset over the rules of society. If you want to discover yourself you need to believe more in universal truths rather than social rules because universal truths stand for truthful power in itself and believing in them will promote truthfulness inside you.

Remember, even rules are invented for the purpose to promote universal truth, but rules have no meaning if they are defying the universal truths.

#7. You are peer pressured

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You are losing yourself if you blindly follow what others are doing. It is good to be inspired but it is worst to be peer pressured. Many people don’t even listen to their favorite songs because they are peer pressured and they listen to the songs that others are listening to and such kinds of peer pressure today exist in many areas even in the mindset, career, and beliefs.

In today’s world many people got drug-addicted because of peer pressure. So remember the points above and don’t follow anything blindly and if you want to discover yourself, live your life for yourself and enjoy it with more freedom rather than peer pressure.

#8. You think too much about negative society

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You are losing yourself if you get blindly swayed by negative thougts of negative people. Negative people are called negative because they are controlled by ego and fear and if you get swayed by them you will promote ego and fear in yourself too.

Egoistic aspect

Negative people are called negative because they lie to themselves, they have an intention to put others down and many times they ignore to understand it and start giving illogical reasons because they are controlled by ego.

Fearful aspect

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They are negative because they have a problem with every solution and that’s what promotes fear in them.

Like said earlier you will lose yourself if you follow anything blindly. If you think too much about what people will say you are promoting fear inside you.

So don’t take anything seriously what the negative people say, and don’t waste your energy thinking or talking too much about them.

#9. You overthink

You are losing yourself if you think too much about unnecessary things. Overthinking promotes fear and uncontrolled fear will never allow you to make good decisions for yourself.

Sometimes it is better to face fear and let it go instead of worrying too much about it, remember everything will come to an end one day, and if you worry about it you will never be able to enjoy your life at its full, so stay happy.

#10. You don’t like what you do

You are losing yourself if you don’t like your job or whatever kind of work you do. If you don’t like your work but still doing it there can be two reasons

You are peer pressured

As mentioned above if you are peer pressured you are losing your self so try to remove peer pressure from your mind.

You have financial pressures

You are working what you don’t like because you have financial pressures. The best solution is “don’t work for it long” which means if you are working what you don’t like presently, don’t accept that you will work for it a lifetime. Plan something so that you will be free from it one day. So whatever you are doing right now invest some amount for a good purpose and accept that you won’t have to work for a lifetime. So low down your fear and plan wisely for yourself.

#11. You indulge yourself in fake relationships

You are losing yourself if you are wasting your energy and time chasing fake relationships. Any relationship that is depressing you, demotivating you, blackmailing, or expecting too much from you is fake. Simply saying any relationship which is creating negative changes in you is fake. So stay away from such relationships and better enjoy your own company.

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#12. You expect too much from others

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You are losing yourself if you expect too much from others. If you expect too much from others, you will lose your self-respect, and losing self-respect promotes fear. So keep your maximum expectations with yourself and don’t expect anything from someone who gets arrogant after gifting you or hurt you too much. Do your best and work hard so that one day you become financially strong and anticipate with yourself.

In the end, I want to open up your eyes and like to inform you something Most of the people taking their last breath, die with the last hope “I hope I have controlled my fear and enjoyed my life” Remember, every amount of you earn is useless if you don’t invest your time, energy and money to enjoy your life.

So control yourself and be disciplined, and if you want to live a beautiful life control your ego and fear. Remember behind our actions, there are some thoughts and behind our thoughts, there are some intentions. Ego and fear lives in our intentions and if you check your intentions regularly you will discover yourself and live your life at its utmost beauty.


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